8 things your gynaecologist wants you to know

Dr Duru Shah tells you why you need to visit your gynaecologist regularly and gives some healthy tips that you must follow.

When was the last time you visited your gynaecologist for a regular check-up? Well, it's high time you do, just to make sure everything's okay. Perhaps, there are few things that you are highly mistaken about. Dr Duru Shah, director at Gynaecworld and a consulting panelist at Breach Candy, Jaslok and Global Hospitals, talks about 8 things that you must know and pay attention to.

Why you need to get pregnant before the age of 35

Women are born with limited eggs in their ovaries, and when the eggs are exhausted, women reach menopause. Fertility is low and almost nil in the last 10 years before menopause. Indian women reach menopause at an average of 48 years which is about 5 years earlier than their western counterparts. Hence, women of Indian ethnicity are recommended to complete their reproductive function before the age of 35 years, to avoid having to access assisted reproduction. Here are 35 tips to get pregnant after 35

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The right age to freeze eggs

Career-conscious women may want to postpone their pregnancies, or maybe, single women who have not found the right partners to have babies with. It would be ideal for them to freeze their eggs between the ages of 30- 35 years when their eggs are more fertile as compared to freezing them beyond 35 years (which generally happens) when the frozen eggs may not give the best results. The best fertility rate is between 20-30 years in a women s life.

PCOS is not just about the acne, periods and obesity

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), is a condition which should not be limited to only treating your acne, or your periods or facial hair or obesity. It follows you even after menopause because it involves a lot of preventive health care to cover your risk of metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer. So make sure you keep visiting your gynaecologist regularly and follow a healthy lifestyle. Check out these symptoms of PCOS you must know about.

Safe sex is a must

Premarital sex is acceptable, but prevention is the buzzword to allow you to lead a healthy life in future. Make sure that you protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

DNA testing is easy

It is extremely easy today to match the DNA of your baby with yours and your partners DNA, to know whether the baby is genetically yours especially in, situations where you have undergone assisted reproduction.

Get a regular check-up done with your gynaecologist

Your visit to your Gynecologist is not restricted to either having babies or trying to get pregnant. It goes much beyond that; it involves having a regular check-up to make sure that all is well with you, and you do everything possible to ensure that you age gracefully.

Pregnancy is physiological process

Pregnancy is a physiological process, and you should carry on with your routine unless your doctor has asked you not to. Don't stress or worry too much.

Vaginal hygiene is essential

You do not need to douche yourself constantly, as a matter of fact it encourages vaginal infections. Also, if you use tampons, it needs to be changed at least every 6 hours to avoid vaginal infections.

Stay safe, healthy and visit your gynaecologist regularly for check-ups.

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