The journey from DJing to spirituality (Exclusive interview with Christopher Dines)

Written By Editorial Team | Updated : March 1, 2015 3:02 PM IST

In this day and age where everything is fast paced, don't we all wish for some peace and tranquility. A state where we can be one with ourselves and with the universe. Well, that is not all that hard. All you need to do meditate. We spoke to Christopher Dines, author of the book Manifest your bliss: A spiritual guide to inner peace, and teacher of spirituality, to tell us a little bit about his journey from being a disk jockey to a teacher of spirituality.

How did you make the shift from being a DJ to spirituality?


Christopher Dines: Spirituality is a way of a being. It is essentially self-awareness or self-realization. A DJ can practice spirituality just as a monk or anyone else can. However, in 2006 the desire to teach, coach and write about self-awareness became more attractive to me than playing music in nightclubs. I had an amazing journey as a House DJ/Producer and will always be thankful for that era but the work I am doing now is just as creative and fun.

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Everyone thinks meditation is very difficult or requires a lot of practice, is that true? How do you do it?


Christopher Dines:Meditation is a process of exploring consciousness. This takes effort and alertness on our behalf. At first, it might be very challenging to still the mind but with regular practice it becomes much easier to apply. It also depends on what type of meditation you are practising. Zen or mindfulness meditation requires an extra alertness but the results are incredible. Japa yoga (mantra meditation) is a lot simpler because you are chanting a song or a prayer, which most beginners find easier to apply. Remember what it was like to learn how to ride a bike when you were young. At first it's quite challenging but with persistent effort, it becomes second nature. This is the same with daily meditation. I personally practice japa yoga, mindfulness and pranayama twice a day.

Who can practice it? And how difficult is it?

Christopher Dines: Anyone can practice meditation. Just put 10-20 minutes aside in the morning and focus on your breathing. Any time your thoughts start to drift off into memory or future fantasy, bring your full attention back to the life breath. If you find this challenging silently repeat the mantra 'I Am' in your mind, while focusing on your breathing. The more you practice this, the easier it is to release anxiety, worry and neediness. If you are comfortable with the more esoteric, mystical practices, then repeat the mantra: 'Christ, Krishna'.

What can people look forward to in your book 'Manifest your bliss: A spiritual guide to inner peace'?

Christopher Dines:The book is a deep meditation that will help the reader to access pure awareness, pure love, infinite creativity deep within their consciousness. All of us have an infinite supply of bliss, peace and joy within. Manifest Your Bliss' reminds people how to tap into their bliss and bring that healing energy into this world.

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