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The hidden dangers of using deodorants and antiperspirants!

Read this before you purchase your next bottle of dedorant.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : December 24, 2015 11:35 AM IST

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We don't think much about using a deodorant every day. But what if this very product is affecting your health? Most deodorants and antiperspirants available in the market are synthetic, full of chemicals and definitely toxic. Our skin absorbs these chemicals, giving rise to a number of health issues. Here are a few common health problems linked to using deodorants and antiperspirants.

Can give you skin rashes

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Most deodorants contain the compound propylene glycol, that is a skin irritant and can lead to rashes[1]. The compound is also a neurotoxin that can affect your central nervous system [2]. Avoid using stick deodorants as they have a higher concentration of propylene glycol.

Could lead to Alzheimer s disease

One of the compound in antiperspirants is aluminium, which has been linked to several health conditions like dementia and Alzheimer s disease [3]. Inhaling it can also lead to asthma[4].

Can cause hormonal imbalance

Most deodorants contain parabens as a preservative. Parabens can impact your body s hormonal balance, cause irregular periods and trigger the early onset of puberty [5]. You will find parabens listed on the product's label as propylparaben, methylparaben, ethylparaben or butylparaben.

Blocks your sweat glands

Another common concern of using deodorants and antiperspirants is that they may block your pores and prevent the release of toxins through sweat. A high concentration of toxins can damage your cells and even lead to cancer [6].

The risks involved with using deodorants are high, so why not try these excellent natural, chemical-free alternatives instead of deodorants.

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