Swine Flu Cases In Delhi: Second H1N1 Case Reported In Dwarka

Delhi doctors report an increase in swine flu cases, a human respiratory infection caused by influenza strains introduced in pigs.

Delhi reports an increase in swine flu cases: The number of corona-infected patients is increasing continuously in Delhi. The daily corona infection rate has also reached 20 per cent. At the same time, another swine flu patient has appeared in Delhi, whose age is 49. After this, the Health Department of the Delhi Government has become more alert. Let us tell you that the country's capital Delhi is already battling coronavirus. In such a situation, the risk seems to be increasing due to the rapid increase in cases of swine flu.

Sudden Pig Deaths In Delhi

In the last days, many cases of the sudden death of pigs in Delhi had come to the fore. The maximum number of deaths of pigs was recorded in Mehrauli and Dakshinpuri areas. At the same time, the trouble seems to be increasing due to the death of a swine flu patient admitted to AIIMS, and the second case has been registered.

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Swine Flu Vigilance In Delhi

  • If the health department is to be believed, then the Delhi government is vigilant. The second case of swine flu that has come up is admitted to Akash Hospital, Dwarka. The Health Department is also maintaining a close watch on this. Complete care is also being taken so that there is no further increase in cases.
  • Currently, 35 beds in six hospitals (3 government and three private) have been reserved for swine flu cases in government and private hospitals by the Delhi government. In addition, ten beds are reserved in LNJP Hospital alone. Similarly, 70 beds in six hospitals in Delhi have also been reserved for monkeypox patients.

Driven by the H1N1 virus strain, swine flu was first identified in 1919 and was declared a pandemic by WHO in 2009. In August 2010, the WHO announced the pandemic to be over. However, after the pandemic ended, the H1N1 flu virus became one of the strains that caused the seasonal flu.

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