Suffering from type 2 diabetes? Watch what you’re eating for your breakfast

If you’re suffering from type 2 diabetes, have a breakfast rich in fruits and nuts.

Recent research shows that a starch-rich breakfast can be beneficial for people battling type 2 diabetes. Read on to know more about the top 4 healthy morning meal options that'll help you fight high blood sugar levels.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In fact, doctors and nutritionists recommend that 25 per cent of our daily calorie intake should ideally come our morning meal. Well, scientific research in the field of diabetology suggest that breakfast is all the more so for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. There's a spate of studies indicating that a healthy breakfast even reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes because it helps you maintain a lower body mass index and gives you better control over insulin, the hormone that takes your blood sugar levels up, if it goes haywire.

Recently, a research published in the journal Diabetes Care revealed that a breakfast rich in starch is especially good for people battling type 2 diabetes. According to the findings of the study, if the starch intake is pushed to the early hours of the day, blood sugar patients will have better control overt their glucose levels and lose weight too. The morning meal of the study participants included bread, fruits and sweets. The success behind this strategy can be attributed to two factors: A starch-rich breakfast improves insulin secretion and makes sugar delivery into the muscles more efficient. Here are top 4 healthy options that everyone with type 2 diabetes should go for, while planning their first meal of the day.

Nuts and Fruit

Fruits low on the glycaemic index berries, apple and orange along with a handful of nuts are a good option for diabetics as they fill you up in fewer calories, thanks to the high quantity of fibre and the healthy monounsaturated fats of the almonds. These foods will lend a touch of 'sweetness' to your morning meal without causing a spike in your blood sugar levels.

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Hard-boiled eggs

These are great go-to options for anybody during the rush hours of the morning on a weekday. However, hard boiled eggs are especially good for people with type 2 diabetes. Don't bother about the cholesterol levels. Research has shown that having six eggs a week doesn't have any significant impact on your cholesterol levels.


Having a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal could be another great idea for blood sugar patients. Diabetologists suggest that it may be helpful for reducing insulin resistance. Add a few seeds, nuts, berries and a spoonful of yoghurt to up the health quotient of this breakfast, thanks to the high fibre and protein content of these ingredients. According to the recommendations of the US FDA, 25-30g of protein from your breakfast can reduce glucose spike in your bloodstream.

Greek Yoghurt

As already mentioned, having a portion of protein every morning is ideal for type 2 diabetes patients. So, Greek yoghurt is a great breakfast choice for them. It contains more protein and less carbohydrates than the regular version of yoghurt. For more benefits, add some fruits and nuts to your Greek yoghurt.

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