Study Finds Stress-Induced Ageing To Be Real But Reversible

Study Finds Stress-Induced Ageing To Be Real But Reversible
Is Ageing Due To Stress Reversible? Study Finds Out How

Chronic stress has so many negative impacts on our body, the newest one being faster ageing.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : April 29, 2023 8:11 AM IST

Chronic stress is not good for health and we are aware of this fact. However, a new study conducted by American scientist's claims that stress can also lead to early ageing. Aside from the psychological and physiological impacts stress has on our body like for example, anxiety, inability to sleep, dark circles, anxiety, etc. stress can also accelerate biological ageing. So, not only is biological age determined by more than just the passage of time, but taking positive action could help prevent the body aging too quickly.

This study was conducted by the researchers at Duke University Medical School And Harvard University Medical School. Experts came to the conclusion that this is a true and proven fact. However, this ageing is reversible. In the study researchers looked at the changes mice and humans when they were subjected to many factors including stress.

How Is It Reversible?

This research and work was published in the journal named Cell Metabolism. According to it, stress has a huge impact on our biological age. However, this ageing does not last very long. When the peak of this feeling of stress passes, ageing can also be reversed. Experts said, "biological age may increase over relatively short time periods in response to stress, but this increase is transient and trends back toward baseline following recovery from stress." They also state that, this change in our biological age does not happen with the passage of time or with our chronological age It can happen over days or sometimes months. Everybody's experience of stress is very different and this also plays a role in stress-induced ageing.

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Here are steps that people can take to reverse stress-induced ageing:

  • When you feel stressed, acknowledge it. This will help you identify the triggers and diffuse it.
  • Exercise is one great way to reverse ageing and also keep stress at bay.
  • Hydration is very important as well.
  • A good skin care routine can add to the process of reversing ageing.

Research Findings

A researcher at Duke University School of Medicine said, "This finding of fluid, fluctuating, malleable age challenges the longstanding conception of a unidirectional upward trajectory of biological age over the life course." As per previous reports, there has also been evidence against fluctuation that have happened for a short-term instead of long when it comes to stress-induced biological ageing. However, there is no proof of its reversibility. There needs to be more research on this. It is also not known by experts about the kind of short-term changes that we may notice.