4 skin conditions that are common in summer

Summers and skin woes are totally intertwined. Here's how to prevent skin problems in summer!

Summer skin woes are not unheard of. Sweat, rashes, itchy skin and skin-tan are common in this season. The unbearable heat with pollution and humidity scrap away all the natural glow and calls for the spread of infections. Summers and skin woes are totally intertwined and we can't stress more on the importance of taking care of your skin! We chalk out 4 commonly found skin conditions this summer.

According to Dr Kiran Godse, Consultant Dermatologist, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, these are rueful!

  1. Prickly heat:Prickly heat and rash that occurs during the course of summer are commonly referred to a condition known as Miliaria . This transpires when sweat ducts get obstructed, causing sweat to seep into the skin, which results in the skin getting inflamed and causes itching. While this is commonly seen in babies and kids, adults can also experience this condition.

How to deal with Miliaria?

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  • Avoid scratching or peeling off the impacted and infected area.
  • Stay indoors as much as you can, and avoid direct exposure to the blistering sun.
  • Cool baths for a couple of minutes will help you cool down and reduce sweating; make sure to wipe off gently and well.
  • Ensure you drink enough fluids throughout the day, to help keep you hydrated.
  • Avoid synthetic fabrics as they can cause you to sweat more; choose loose and comfortable cotton clothing instead.
  • Rashes usually go off on their own within a few days, however, if this persists visit your doctor or local pharmacist to provide you with an antibacterial topical solution or powder.
  1. Acne breakouts:The heat and humidity that comes along with the summer, can aggravate oil production in the skin; acne prone people can experience more breakouts during this period. Other environmental factors like dust, dirt and pollution stick to the sweat and cause the pores to clog. Here'show to keep your skin healthy, this summer!

How to deal with acne breakouts?

  • Avoid applying makeup while venturing out into the sun, instead apply a sunscreen (SPF 50 or above) and keep cooling wipes handy.
  • Keep a water bottle with you at all times to sip through the day; avoid sugar-laden drinks as these can instigate pimples.
  • Sugary and high-glycemic food can cause inflammation and further lead to oil production; these should be strictly avoided.
  • Keep your face clean using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer; avoid harsh soaps that may strip your skin of moisture and natural oils.
  • Eat a balanced diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables.
  1. Foot Fungal Infections: Soles of the feet contain more sweat glands than any other part of the body; this poses a risk for fungal infections of the foot. One often roams barefoot around swimming pools, at the beach or in the garden while holidaying, but is oblivious to the threats around.

While bacterial components are high in summers, when your feet projects sweat, these components stick to it causing bacteria to thrive in warm and humid conditions. This can cause the feet to swell and itch resulting in skin peel off. Nowadays fungal infections take many weeks to get cured, thus, it is important to keep your feet dry and as aired as possible.

How to deal with acne foot fungal infections?

  • Wash your feet when back from the outdoors.
  • Avoid wearing the same pair of socks for prolonged periods.
  • Wash clothes in hot water and dry them the in sunlight or iron them well to destroy fungus.
  • Over-the-counter anti-fungal products like creams and powders along with basic good hygiene practices could help treat the condition.
  • Do not use steroids based combinations to treat fungus.
  • Do not peel off breaking skin as this could spread the infection.
  1. Eczema:According to Dr Anand Mishra, Internal medicine Specialist, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi Eczema is also very commonly seen in this season. 'Excessive sweating in this season can cause your Eczema to flare up. It also causes your skin to dr-up and results in constant itching, especially around the joints.'

How to deal with Eczema?

  • Avoid being outdoors when the Sun is at its peak/ hottest;
  • Make sure you wear loose cotton clothes, in light colors, that reflect off the heat.
  • If your outbreak is bad, avoid venturing into Chlorine filled public swimming pools.
  • Ensure you have a cool shower once you are back from the outdoors, and change into light clothes.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body cool and hydrated.

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