3 simple tips for women to prevent heel pain

Expert tips on how women can prevent heel pain at home.

The most common problem which women struggle with is heel pain. It is mostly caused by repetitive strain and stomping of the heel, which could be due to various reasons. Be it wearing heels or having a sedentary lifestyle, it can put a woman at high risk of heel pain. And if you like wearing stilettos, then do read this article as it might be of great help. When it comes to heel pain, following a preventive measure is much easier than the treatment. Without a proper prevention of plantar fasciitis (heel pain), symptoms can recur, which makes it difficult to deal with. Hence, to help you out, Ms Kanchan Naikawadi, Preventive Healthcare Specialist, Indus Health Plus sharessome easy tips to prevent the heel pain in women. Also read about possible causes of heel pain.

1. Maintain appropriate body weight: Retaining a healthy weight is a key to having healthy feet. Although, weight loss is challenging, especially for those who are already struggling with heel pain, a combination of low impact exercise and a healthy diet will help in weight reduction.

2. Stretching is essential: Make sure that you stretch before you exercise. Stretching your calf with your toe pointed upward is particularly beneficial for your feet. Not only it will make your exercise easier, but at the same time, it will also prevent heel pain that could result from muscles that are too rigid.

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3. Wear the right gear: It is important to avoid shoes that do not fit well and shoes that are worn out because they do not provide your feet with the proper support needed to avoid injury. Walking and running barefoot can also pose a risk to the feet, especially for people who have high arches. Hence, the right gear is vital to your heel pain prevention. If you can t live without wearing heels, then opt for thicker heels and covered shoes. Kick your shoes off in between, and stretch your ankles and toes.Here are ways to soothe painful heels naturally.

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