Signs you are living with a chronic complainer

Some people cannot be happy, no matter what.

Let me start by saying this that the person I had to deal with was very close to me, and was poisoning my life in his own sweet way, and I was oblivious. He would complain about everything that was bad about his life, everyday stress of the job, home, long drives to work and back, mounting expenses and whatnot. I was sympathetic, and how could I not be. He was complaining about things that were a fact, and I was getting sucked into his daily drama, even though I didn't realise it at that time. A long time and a lot of damage later did I realise that the person did nothing but complain about everything. Yes, everything he complained about was a genuine problem, but it was nothing of the epic proportion that he made out to be. In hindsight and some counselling later, I have figured that he was a chronic complainer, and everything started falling in place, how he used his 'pain' and 'grief' to manipulate me and get his way around. How he only saw or spoke about the bad things in life to gain sympathy. Or he would simply count my 'blessings' and say that life was easier for me. Chances are, a lot of us are suffering by living with a chronic complainer, and don't realise it. So here are some tell-tale signs that I feel will help you.

  • Everything is a task of epic proportions: From having to go to work every morning to not finding a suitable parking spot, every issue is a tragedy of epic proportions that needs to be spoken out multiple times. These people are experts at finding out the worst in any situation and then sit and crib about it.
  • They seldom feel happy about anything: One feature that stands out in the person I lived with was that he would never really smile. He did smile, but it was never the genuine, deep one that reaches your eye. Chronic complainers are so focused on finding the wrongs, that they miss out on seeing the rights and appreciate it.
  • They use their complaints to manipulate you: What I realised that I was turning into a bitter person because of all the poison that this person was fuelling into me. He would keep complaining and paint a sorry picture of himself so that I would feel bad and comply with whatever it was that he wanted. Much later did I realise that this person, no matter what happens in his life, will never be truly happy and appreciative.

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