Shitali pranayam—a yoga pose to help you relax and cool down

Shitali pranayamShitali pranayam:

The word 'shitali' means cooling, and this pranayamdoes exactly that it cools the entire body. While performing Shitali pranayam, air is inhaled through the mouth and is exhaled through the nostrils. This action cools the entire body and relaxes your central nervous system.

Steps to do this pranayam:

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  • Sit in sukhasana or padmasana, with your body and hands placed the same way as in Rechak-puraka Pranayam. Bring your tongue forward such that it is pressed against your teeth from inside your mouth. Part your lips such that your teeth are visible.
  • Now, inhale air through your mouth in such a way that the air is passed all over your tongue. Inhale as much air as you can in your lungs.
  • Once your lungs are filled with air, exhale the air through your nostrils gradually.
  • Repeat the entire practice ten times.

Once you have done it ten times, close your mouth and breath normally.

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