Sciatica treatment - how homeopathy and Ayurveda can help

How alternative therapy, such as homeopathy and Ayurveda, can help you deal with sciatica.

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear , Buddha once said and his words more relevant than ever now. Considering the unhealthy physical and psychological scenarios one has to endure each day, it has become more necessary now than ever to get rid of such health issues that make the simplest of tasks challenging. One such disease is Sciatica and the pain that ensues. Let s take a closer look at Sciatica and how alternative therapy, such as homeopathy and Ayurveda can make a change:

Understanding Sciatica

Sciatica is a health condition where you experience immense pain or burning and tingling sensation while sitting down and it s a very common symptom. It s when the sciatic nerve, a large nerve that goes from the lower back down to the back of both legs, becomes pinched, inflamed or otherwise bothered that you feel sciatica, . As per the severity of the issue, the numbness/pain can extend down the entire leg to the foot. The degree of pain also differs from dull aching, excruciating, violent, throbbing, pricking, piercing or stitching. Read more about How to deal with sciatica

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Dr. Jawahar Shah, eminent homoeopathic physician at Welcome Cure on why Homeopathy should be opted for Sciatica.

What makes Homeopathy the right choice is the exclusivity of each patient. Homeopathic physicians spend hours understanding the peculiarities and specificity of every patient by studying each case closely to find the cause, individualistic expression and comparing the intricate details for Sciatica with equally strong Decision Support System, which can differentiate most of the closely related remedies. Each patient is different, their body reacts to medication uniquely. So, the key challenge is to comprehend the patient s condition while determining suitable medication.

Unlike other medical sciences, Homeopathy gives importance to individualistic characteristic like pain is better by walking or worse by standing. Pain is better by warm or better by cold. Based on these factors, experts opt for the apt medicines for the patients, which are proved and tested for permanent relief.Homeopathy diagnoses and determines which medication to prescribe based on different types of pain experienced, and Homeopathy has around 100 different medicines to offer, which helps you to effectively tackle Sciatica.

There are many causes for Sciatica like bulging of the Disc, stenosis of lumbar Canal, different growths, tumours, cyst and pressure of pregnancy. Apart from these common and ordinary causes, there is another factor that triggers Sciatica, which is known as the Wallet Syndrome. This new age health condition is found mostly in men who have the habit of keeping a heavy wallet in their back pockets. Dealing with back pocket wallet syndrome involves many steps including understanding how it affects everyday activities, whether that s sitting in a seat, or performing athletic activities. Regardless, the pressure on the Sciatic nerve can be aggravated by a wide range of lifestyles and routines since each body is unique. Read here Are you suffering from sciatica? Acupuncture can provide some relief

What to do and what not to do in Sciatica

Do s

  1. Improve in posture
  2. Regular Exercise,
  3. Sleeping on a firm mattress
  4. Proper intake of nutrition & proteins
  5. Avoiding fatty stuff

Dont s

  1. Avoid sudden or Jerky movements
  2. Avoid bending situations
  3. Avoid junk food

Dr.Piyush Juneja, esteemed CEO of VedicGram on why Ayurveda should be opted for Sciatica.

Gridhrasi (sciatica) is known as a Vata-Vyadhi. Sciatica is a reason of elevated VataDosha. Majorly characterised by burning and stinging pain, the pain is distinguished in the thigh, buttock, leg and radiated till foot. In Charaka Samhita, Gridhrasi is mentioned as a SwedanaSadhyaVyadhi.Basti Karma also indicated in GridhrasiRoga.PatrapindaSwedana is a form of SankaraSwedana. which is implemented in the management of Sciatica.The word Sankara as it advises is the combination of diverse herbal medicines when used in procedure of Pinda orPottali, it is called as PindaSwedana.The possible manner of action of PatrapindaSwedana can be described as thermal effect, drug effect and procedural effect. Read more about What is sciatica and who is at risk?

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