Road accidents: Dos and don'ts to follow before an ambulance arrives

Road accidents: Dos and don'ts to follow before an ambulance arrives

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Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti |Published : January 16, 2018 3:36 PM IST

Road Safety Awareness Week is observed from 11th January to 17th January. Mr Hanmantrao Gaikwad, Chairman and Managing Director, BVG India Limited said With an increase in the number of young drivers and newer cars on the roads, Road Safety has emerged as one of the major concerns in the state. Accidents and deaths can be avoided if pedestrians and drivers inculcate road safety measures. Road Safety Awareness week aims to educate people about safety measures to be observed while driving or walking on the road." And hence, he has shared few do's and don'ts you should do before the ambulance arrives. Also read about first aid tips you should know in case of a road traffic accident.

  • Use personal protective equipment while handling an injured victim.
  • Enter the scene only if it is safe and get help to divert traffic from the victim.
  • Check the victim s responsiveness.
  • Do CPR if the victim is not breathing. Here's a step-by-step guide to how to do a CPR or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.
  • Attempt to stop any external bleeding by using a clean handkerchief and applying direct pressure to the site of bleeding.
  • Wait for the ambulance to arrive instead of attempting to transport the victim to the hospital in any other vehicle.
  • You may do further damage in the process of transporting him/her.
  • If not ambulance is available, shift the victim to an appropriate position. Here is how to place a person in the recovery position (step by step guide).
  • Call 108 if there is a collision or accident on the road. Also, if the victims are lying on the road and appearing to be injured, unconscious, or bleeding, do call for medical help.

Here are few things you are not supposed to do in case of road accidents.

  • Do NOT enter the scene unless it is safe
  • Do NOT remove any penetrating objects (ex. Broken glass/metal)
  • Do NOT lift the victim because neck injuries are likely and may paralyze the victim permanently.

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