Red Tongue With Yellow Coating – This May Be A Sign Of Heart Disease

Your tongue could tell whether or not you have heart disease. Patients with chronic heart failure have redder tongues, claims a study.

Want to know how your heart is doing? Just stick your tongue out and see what colour it has. According to a study, your tongue could tell whether or not you have heart problems. A red tongue with a yellow coating may indicate that you're at greater risk of heart disease, the study suggested.

Dr Tianhui Yuan from the Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, one of the researchers, claimed that patients with chronic heart failure have a redder tongue with a yellow coating and the appearance changes as the disease becomes more advanced. Normal tongues or tongues of healthy people are pale red with a pale white coating, she noted.

They also found that the composition, quantity and dominant bacteria of the tongue coating vary between heart failure patients and healthy people.

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Why tongues of heart failure patents have darker shade?

In the study, the researchers examined the tongues of volunteers with and without chronic heart failure. None of the participants had oral or dental issues, had used antibiotics or immunosuppressants in the past week or were pregnant or lactating - the researchers pointed out.

Samples from the tongue coatings were taken before participants brushed their teeth or had breakfast. They found that heart failure patients have the same microorganisms in their tongue coating, which gave their tongue a darker shade.

Based on their findings, Dr Yuan suggests that tongue microbes, which are easy to obtain, could assist with wide-scale screening, diagnosis, and long-term monitoring of heart failure. However, she noted that more research is needed to identify the underlying mechanisms connecting microorganisms in the tongue coating with heart function. The European Society of Cardiology had published the new study.

Your tongue can tell a lot more about your health

From nutritional imbalances to serious illnesses, your tongue's appearance can tell a lot about your health. Here are some health conditions your doctor can tell you by just looking at the colour, size, and texture of your tongue:

A black and hairy looking tongue: It may be caused yeast infections, diabetes, cancer therapies, and poor oral hygiene.

A tongue that is bright red like a strawberry: This may be a sign of deficiency of folic acid, vitamin B12, or iron. It is also a sign of strep throat, or a fever.

A tongue full of red and white spots: This indicates that your taste buds are worn down. No need to worry, it's fairly common and you don't to treat it. Taste buds do regenerate.

A tongue with white patches: It may be due to oral candidiasis, which is an overgrowth of yeast or thrush. If the patches persist even after brushing your tongue regularly for a week, an overgrowth of candida is likely the cause. Then you may need anti-fungal drugs.

A tongue that has a webbed or stripped look: This often indicates an inflammatory condition known as oral lichen planus, which occurs when your immune system attacks the cells. It may lead to mouth cancer. When you this condition, you should practice proper dental hygiene, avoid tobacco, and food that may irritate your mouth.

Bumps on the tongue: They are most likely canker sores or herpes (cold sores). These may be caused by biting, smoking, and stress ulcers. Simple at-home remedies like gargling warm saltwater, chewing on mint leaves, and eating food that is soft and cold (like yogurt) may help.

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