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5 reasons to take bleeding gums seriously!

Bleeding gums don't necessarily mean oral infection or cavities, it could also indicate something as serious as HIV.

Written by Debjani Arora |Published : February 1, 2016 2:40 PM IST

Healthy gums are a sign of good oral hygiene. But there can be times when your gums are inflamed and sore, which can indicate oral health problems. Bleeding gums are usually caused by inadequate plaque removal that causes gums to get inflamed and irritated causing gingivitis.

But, bleeding gums may not be an indicator of oral health issues. In fact, it can be one of the signs of some serious illness or condition. Here Dr Arjun Bedi Chief Dental Consultant from Dent O Care, Delhi tells you what health problems bleeding gums can indicate:

1. Diabetes: There is a strong association between diabetes and periodontal disease including gingivitis. Bleeding gums are usually one of the first symptoms of diabetes. Managing blood sugar level is almost impossible when there is active bleeding gum disease. Diabetics must take oral health seriously to avoid mouth infections and other oral problems. Here are five kinds of exercises that can help keep diabetes in control.

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2. Thrombocytopenia: This is a condition defined by a deficiency of platelets in the blood. This causes bleeding tissues and gums, bruising and slow blood clotting after injury. It can also lead to an oral lesion. If you have thrombocytopenia even a minor trauma can lead to bleeding gums.

3. Leukemia: One of the first signs of leukemia can be gingivitis or bleeding gums. Gingival infiltrations by leukemic cells make the gingival feel boggy and appear hemorrhagic. This is a serious condition that might need immediate attention. If you have been maintaining good oral hygiene and still the bleeding continues for more than a week, get it checked by a dentist soon.

4. HIV: Ninety percent of HIV-positive patients may experience at least one oral disorder that includes gum disease and bleeding gums due to periodontitis or gingivitis is common. While bleeding gums would not be a warning sign of HIV, but it would mean that you need to treat the infection more seriously, so it doesn t affect your oral health adversely. Here are 12 symptoms of HIV/AIDS that you need to know.

5. Pregnancy induced gingivitis: Having bleeding or sensitive gums is common during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones can cause gums to swell and become inflamed, making them bleed more easily. Remember oral hygiene plays an important role in fetal development, so bleeding gums during pregnancy can be like a warning sign. To avoid complications ensure that your dental health is up to the mark and visit a dentist before planning your pregnancy.

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