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Rapid HIV tests to detect ailment in 15-20 minutes!

Rapid HIV tests to detect ailment in 15-20 minutes!

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : June 4, 2014 6:40 PM IST

HIV testDid you know that there is a test to detect HIV in 20 minutes or less! That's right, 20 minutes. Knowing a person's HIV status is vital because it can help start early treatment and also prevent the transmission to others.

The various kinds of rapid HIV tests are:

Oraquick Rapid

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A non-invasive test which doesn't even require a blood sample or needle prick the test detects HIV-1 and HIV-2 in 20 minutes. The test can check your HIV status through oral fluid, plasma, finger stick or venipuncture and has 99% efficiency when compared to the confirmatory Western Blot. (Read: Getting tested for HIV - all your queries answered)

Determine Rapid

Determine Rapid is an easy-to-use, rapid (15-minute) test for HIV antibodies developed by Abbott. Using a small amount of whole blood, serum or plasma collected by a finger prick, any hospital or remote setting can generate highly accurate results regardless of its access to laboratory equipment or electricity. Determine HIV-1/2 may be stored at room temperature.

SD Bioline HIV Rapid Test

Is a rapid blood test to detect the presence of the HIV antigen in a person's body. It is different from the other rapid tests as it is more sensitive even within the window period (3 months from the time of infection). It checks for the presence of all immune system markers (isotype IgM, IgG and IgA). Since different isotypes are produced in response to different infections, this test can detect the presence of the HIV virus within a few days of infection. All this test needs is a small blood sample or plasma. Since it provides rapid results it is a very positive step in managing the condition early. (Read: Testing for HIV and other STDs)

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