Quick, simple remedies to relax your tired eyes

Quick, simple remedies to relax your tired eyes

Relieve computer related eye strain and fatigue with these remedies

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Updated : March 5, 2016 8:52 PM IST

Staring at computer screens or your mobile phone and tablets for hours or reading in low light are some of the common causes of tired or fatigued eyes. Lack of sleep or a faulty vision prescription can also lead to a lot of strain on the eyes, leaving them tired and, at times, puffy. Blurred vision, headaches, irritation and itchy or watery eyes are some common symptoms. Instead of opting for medication, all you need is a few simple tips that you must follow everyday to prevent fatigue and relieve your tired eyes.

Massaging: Gently massage your eyelids and around the eyebrows with your fingers for 20 seconds 2-3 times a day. Massaging at regular intervals not only relaxes the eye muscles but also improves blood circulation.

Palming: This technique is popular in yoga to treat eye ailments. Rub your palms to warm them. Now gently place your palms on your eyes for 2-3 minutes and relax. Palming gives your eyes and the muscles the much needed rest from bright light.

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Cold milk: Strained eyes can be cooled down and relaxed by placing cotton or wash cloth soaked in cold milk over them. Place it on your eyes for 4-5 minutes and relax. If you are at work, you can use cold water instead of milk. A cold compress shrinks the blood vessels around the eyes, thereby reducing puffiness caused due to fatigue. Did you know cold milk can lighten dark circles too?

Cucumber: Often used at salons to relax your eyes after applying a face pack, cucumber slices have a natural cooling effect. The astringent properties of cucumber help soothe tired eyes. Place cut slices of cold cucumber on your eyes for 3-4 minutes and give rest to your eyes. Here are some beauty benefits of cucumber you shouldn t miss.

Rose water: A natural coolant, rose water is traditionally used to reduce irritation and rejuvenate the eyes. The astringent and anti-inflammatory properties of rose water provide comfort and relaxation to tired eyes. Dip some cotton in rose water and place it on your eyes for 4-5 minutes every day. Also try these rose water packs to get rid of acne and blemishes.

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