World Psoriasis Day: 4 simple hacks of tackling psoriasis induced depression

4 ways to tackle psoriasis induced depression © Shutterstock

Psoriasis can affect your mental health and lead you to major depression, say doctors. Here are simple ways by which you can fight depression and get over the condition more easily with the will power of your mind.

Today is World Psoriasis Day and marking the celebration of this day dedicated to psoriasis, a skin condition, it is essential for you to know that not just your skin health, psoriasis affects your mental state as well, along with hitting your emotional well-being. According to the estimates of National Psoriasis Foundation, 63% of people suffering from psoriasis suffer from undergo some sort of emotional disputes like depression. Here are some hacks to tackle depression when you have psoriasis.

Take it slow: In case you are suffering from psoriasis induced depression, it is important that you take life at a slow pace. Experts and survivors suggest that take one day at a time. Embrace the day and try to make it positive without thinking much about the next day or future.

Build your confidence: There's nothing to feel low about having a condition like psoriasis. Like any other ailments, it is one. You should always try and beef up your self-confidence and understand that although psoriasis is a part of you, it does not define you and it never can.

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Get educated: In case you are suffering from psoriasis it is essential that you educate yourself about it first and then use your own knowledge to pass it on to others and help in creating awareness. When people stare at your flare-ups, it is mostly because they know nothing, or they hardly know about the condition. Once you start educating others, you will be successfully able to avoid those stares from others that make you feel uneasy.

Take good care of your condition: According to experts, the most obvious way of overcoming depression is by improving psoriasis and for making that possible, you need to take good care of your health while you are suffering from the skin disease. Eat right, apply moisturisers to your skin, follow instructions of your dermatologist and take medication accordingly.

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