Product Review: Friends Premium Disposable Adult Diapers

If you are planning to buy an adult diaper and are wondering which one to buy, read this!

Adult diapers are undoubtedly a boon for people who are bedridden, disabled, paralysed or suffer from any severe disease like urinary incontinence, piles or prostate disorders. And the fact that adult diapers have made the life of caregivers a bit easy to take care of old, bed ridden patients can't be emphasised enough. So when the Friends adult diaper was launched recently, I asked for the product for a relative. Here's is what the person who tried the adult diaper by Nobel Hygiene has to say.

The Product: Friends Disposable Adult Diaper

Sizes: The Friends Premium Adult Diaper has a unisex design, meaning it aims to suit both the sexes. It is available in three different sizes namely medium, large and extra large. The waist size is mentioned in centimetres and inches as well. Moreover, it also mentions the length and width per diaper so that you can choose based on your comfort.

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Price: The Friends adult diaper is available in packs of 2,5,10 & 15 and the price is based on the size of the diaper. A pack of 10 medium sized diapers (Waist Size 71.12 111.76 cms) is priced at Rs 475, large ones with a waist size of 96.52 152.40 cms is priced at Rs 525 and extra large ones with a waist size of 121.92 172.72 cms is Priced at Rs 550.

Features: The Friends Premium Adult Diapers claims to have some key features unlike other commonly available diapers in the market. It says it has 10 hours of protection, has cloth-like breathable sides along with dual core padding. It also has a wetness indicator, which is supposed to change colour or fade away when the diaper is soiled, indicating you need to change the diaper.

User Guide: The pack has instructions listed on how to use it with a step-by-step guide. It also has a user manual on how to wear a diaper when lying down and while standing. Here's how to use a diaper.

My review: As listed by the Friends Premium Adult Diapers, the diaper provides around 10 hours of protection. The diaper is very simple to use, just like baby diapers that are available in the market. It has a frontal tape with landing guide which needs to be stuck properly. It is very comfortable to use. However, one thing that needs to be kept in mind if you were buying this diaper is that the sizes are too big. So if you have been buying a large size diaper, then you need to opt for a medium sized diaper of the Friends adult diaper. It is available in a variety of sizes which are designed to suit different body types, which is not a cause for concern.

The diaper absorbs the moisture quickly which turns the fluid into a gel and also helps with odour control. As it locks in the urine, the chances of bacteria thriving is less, which lowers the risk fo skin irritation or infection. The fit is very important because if not fitted properly; it can lead to leakage. Also, the wetness indicator helps you with the exact time that you need to change the diaper. If you are not comfortable with using a diaper, then you can try pull ups or pants that are available in the market. As far as the price is concerned, the diaper is slightly expensive. Overall, Friends Premium Adult Diapers are simple to use with super absorbent inner pads, making the user feel dry and comfortable.

Rating: 4/5

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Image Source: Friends Premium Adult Diapers/Nobel Hygeine

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