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Managing piles – tips to deal with piles or haemorrhoids without medications

Dr Sanjay Sonar Laparoscopic and General Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai Central shares some tips.

Written by Debjani Arora |Published : May 17, 2018 7:39 PM IST

Yes, you read the headline correct piles can be managed without medication or surgery depending on which stage it is. Often piles that are small or are at its initial stages can be managed with some lifestyle and diet modifications without medical interference. Usually, chronic constipation is thought to be an underlying cause that triggers piles and in women, it may develop during pregnancy due to pregnancy-induced constipation. Every person who develops piles doesn t need medication or surgery to rectify it. Sometimes some lifestyle and diet changes can help to get relief and correct the problem on its own. However, this is only possible when the piles are in its initial stages and are small, says Dr Sanjay Sonar Laparoscopic and General Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai Central. Here are 10 tips to deal with your piles and get relief.

Here Dr Sonar gives some tips on how to manage piles before it becomes worse and leads to rectal bleeding and intolerable pain,

Eat right: Once crucial diet change that will help you to manage piles is adding more fibre rich foods on your plate. Whether it is piles or chronic constipation make sure that you are eating at least 50 gm of fibre in a day. Ideally, having two cups of green vegetables in your two main meals and two fruits throughout the day can take care of your daily fibre requirement. However, don t go overboard with fibre, it can cause you more harm than good.

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Drink water: We cannot stress the importance of drinking water enough, more so if you are suffering from piles or constipation. In fact, constipation and piles mostly happen when there is a deficit of water in the body or you are dehydrated. When you don t drink enough water the body tries to absorb water from the colon. This makes the colon dry and the veins in the anal area swell when you strain while passing a bowel. In fact, drinking adequate amounts of water keeps the rectal area lubricated which helps in smooth passage of bowels. Here are 20 tips to store drinking water the right way.

Walk every day: A little bit of activity can help in managing piles and avoiding rectal bleeding. Walking about four to five kilometres a day can help in easy passage of bowel and won t hurt the swollen veins in the rectal area. Repeated strain in the rectal area can make it difficult for the area to heal.

Avoid constipation: As mentioned earlier, if you are straining the rectal area too much while passing bowel it could lead to trauma and subsequent rectal bleeding and pain. So, if you are suffering from piles try and avoid a bout of constipation. If you are following the above-mentioned tips there is little scope, in fact, to suffer from constipation. Here are five remedies for constipation that do not work.

Get help: If all these above-mentioned tips fail to give you any relief and the problem keeps on progressing go to a doctor and get checked.

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