Physiotherapy hacks you must follow at home

Your poor posture while performing regular household activities can cause massive health problems.

You may be sitting on an ergonomically-designed chair and work desk at your office but it is very likely that when you come home, you tend to go easy on your sitting or standing posture. When we finish work and get home, some of us like to relax by cooking, playing computer games, watching television or reading. But are you doing all this with a good posture? Or are you ruining your back? Here are ways to ensure your posture isn t adversely affected while at home. Dr Manoj Kutteri, Wellness Director at Atmantan Wellness Centre tells you how to maintain a good posture at home.

1. Fix your posture in the kitchen

Good ergonomics shouldn t be restricted to just work. It is important in your kitchen too. Most kitchen counter heights are too high or too low for many people. This leads to strained shoulders and back and neck pain when cooking. You must always check the height of your counter before you start chopping. Ideally, you should place your hands at your sides and bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Your counter should reach right below your palms. If you are too short, stand on a stool and do the chopping. While standing to chop or work in the kitchen, you must stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, shoulders back, and knees soft. Fixing your posture can make you feel confident.

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2. Fix your posture while playing computer games

Video games can be a great escape they are engaging and often players sit for several hours. However, you may feel aches and pains during or after playing continuously. Have a look at how you're sitting and what you are sitting on when you play:

Is the sofa/chair supportive enough for your back?

Are you pushing your head forward?

Do you ever get pain or tingling in your arms, hands or fingers?

Do you have good posture or are you adopting a 'C' curved spine?

Sitting still with a poor posture for long periods of time puts stress on spinal discs, muscles and tendons. If gaming takes up the majority of your free time, this can cause long-term problems.

For the computer get a better chair or desk and invest in an arm support. For console games, you could try a new chair, or try improving your posture with a backrest or lumbar support. Stretch more, move more and take more breaks. Here are ways bad posture can make you unhealthy.

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