PCOS, Periods, Gynecological Health: Importance Of Overall Fitness For All

Increasing muscle mass while losing body fat boosts metabolism and burns more calories.

Written By Tavishi Dogra | Published : July 14, 2023 9:23 AM IST

Hormone Fluctuations During Periods Can Lead To Stress

There is a vast amount of science-backed research on the positive effects of exercise, especially for women. Regular exercise has been proven to help you accomplish more than just weight loss. Exercise has been proven to reduce heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Studies also show regular exercise promotes life expectancy, fertility and cognitive function. Women, who struggle with specific issues like PCOS, deal with menopause later in life and are always advised to be aware of their gynaecological health. They should invest in their bodies and health by maintaining a consistent fitness regime.

Mallika Parekh, health & wellness expert, shares some examples of why exercise is so closely linked to benefiting women's health as follows:


  • Many women struggle with PCOS, a condition generally associated with insulin resistance, lifestyle, and diet. Resistance training moves like what you find in a barre class and help regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Barre-based exercises can be tailored to suit low to moderate intensities, recommended for anyone with PCOS, versus extreme, high-intensity movements that can cause a rise in cortisol levels, creating further hormonal imbalances.

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  • All women experience menopause, and many find the body changes overwhelming. During menopause, estrogen levels fluctuate severely in the body. With high estrogen levels, your body will likely store more fat, while low estrogen impacts metabolism. As a result, it is widespread for women to gain weight (especially around the belly) during menopause. Research also shows that muscle cells reduce with a decline in estrogen, thereby reducing bone strength (particularly hips, spine and arms). Low estrogen increases the risk of lifestyle diseases such as Type 2 diabetes.
  • Barre-based workouts combine isometric with isotonic movement choreographed to be different sequences and moves in each class, which leads to a healthy amount of muscle confusion. This muscle confusion and versatility in low-impact exercise help ensure women sculpt muscle when needed. Choose a workout that meets you no matter where you are as a woman. A barre-based training enables you to connect with your body through mindful movement, improving stability, strength and balance (also targeted pelvic floor exercises) as you navigate your body.
  • Women suffer from thyroid conditions much more frequently than men, leading to weight gain in many women who deal with this issue. While it is essential to treat thyroid conditions with appropriate medication prescribed by a physician, exercise can again help with several symptoms of thyroid conditions, including elevating mood, boosting energy, healthy inch loss, and muscle gain. In barre workouts, a combination of strength training and cardiovascular movement, which blends interval training with muscle overload, increases your lean body mass, strength, and power and defines your muscles. Muscles burn more calories than fat even while at rest. Increasing muscle mass while losing body fat boosts metabolism and burns more calories.


The benefits of exercise are apparent to all and don't need to be extolled. However, especially for women, remaining fit positively impacts your reproductive health (due to improved circulation), could reduce your risk of breast cancer, protects against cardiovascular disease and improves mental health. And if all these are not enough to start moving, exercise also helps you stay clear of other chronic and lifestyle diseases. So let's get moving and see you at the barre!