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Oversleeping: Weight gain, headache and other harmful effects

People who sleep for longer than the recommended duration of six to eight hours a day have an increased risk of dying or developing heart disease or stroke. ©Shutterstock

Everyone talks about health benefits of getting proper sleep, but have you ever thought about what oversleeping can do to you? Here's what you need to know.

Written by Sukriti Shahi |Published : November 10, 2019 5:17 PM IST

Sleeping properly can get you beautiful skin, healthy body and peace of mind. There's no doubt about it; yes, it's healthy. It's important for body functioning, boosts metabolism and helps you challenge life with a fresh approach. But what's the flip-side story? We have all heard that excess of everything is bad and that stands true for sleep too. Oversleeping can be harmful too. So, next time when you compensate for a sleepless party night with 12 hours of sleep the next day, know that it will not do your body any good.

Oversleeping has been liked to diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, and other medical conditions. Researchers have also been linking oversleeping with depression and low socioeconomic status. It depends on various factors like age and activity level during the course of life to deduce how much sleep you need. There are other factors and conditions that impact your sleeping hours. For instance, during stress or depression phase, you may feel like sleeping more. It's generally suggested to sleep for up to nine hours for adults. Here's what happens to body when you oversleep.

Oversleeping causes headache

This condition also refers to weekend headache which simple means sleeping for extra hours over the weekend or during vacation causes headache. It happens because extra sleeping impacts some of brain's neurotransmitters, including serotonin, negatively. Similarly, if you sleep more during the day and your night time sleep gets compromised, you are likely to have headache the next morning.

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Weight gain

Just sleep sleeping too little, sleeping too much can also make you gain weight. Studies show that people sleep for more than nine hours are approximately 21 per cent more like to get obese over the six-year period. Experts believe that these weight gain percentage doesn't change even with proper diet and exercise. Oversleeping impacts how the body stores fat. The idea is to strike a balance not sleeping too little or way too much.

Back pain because of oversleeping

If you already suffer from a back problem, oversleeping can exaggerate it for you. Lying for longer hours in an inappropriate position can give you back pain or aggravate your current condition. It causes muscles to stiffen that causes pain. If you already suffer back pain, force yourself out of the bed every morning and lead an active life. Note that your mattress support too has a role to play in it. Invest in better mattress and exercise to avoid waking up with back pain.

Heart ailments and Type-2 diabetes

Studies have shown that people who sleep for longer hours are at higher risk of getting a heart ailment. In fact, it has also been seen that oversleeping increases the risk of death due to heart conditions. It may also make you blood sugar to go up couple with weight gain can out you at Type-2 diabetes risk.

Oversleeping hinders mental health

Like insomnia causes depression, oversleeping has been linked with slower recovery from these mental health issues. People who oversleep have compromised mental health and issues like severe mood swings. It's suggested to maintain a proper sleeping pattern if you are suffering from any such issue.

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