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Dengue Alert: Over 140 Cases Registered In The Capital

Dengue Alert: Over 140 Cases Registered In The Capital

You can control dengue fever by keeping the surroundings clean and not allowing water to stagnate.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : July 9, 2022 10:51 AM IST

Dengue Alert in Delhi: As soon as the rainy season starts, dengue fever starts wreaking havoc on the people of Delhi. Dengue is a severe disease caused by the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. In this disease, the patient develops a high fever and rashes on the body. Dengue mosquitoes breed rapidly due to dirt and waterlogging. Therefore, thousands of dengue cases start coming to the capital of Delhi as soon as the rainy season starts. The government is running many campaigns regarding dengue disease, but even after continuous efforts, the people of the capital Delhi have not been able to eliminate the havoc of dengue. In Delhi, the MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) acts as a nodal agency to control mosquito-borne diseases. According to the data released by MCD, 32 new dengue cases were registered in Delhi in June this year. A total of 143 dengue patients have been found this year after registering new cases.

Dengue Cases in Delhi

The capital Delhi remains a hotspot for dengue disease. However, the people of Delhi have dealt with this disease's havoc. The administration has taken various measures to control the breeding of dengue mosquitoes, but they cannot be considered more effective because of the current situation.

Dengue cases so far in the year 2022

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According to the data, a total of 143 cases have been registered in the capital Delhi so far. In June this year alone, 32 cases of dengue have been recorded. According to a report by the Anti Malaria Campaign (HQ), Delhi registered 23 dengue cases on January 16, February 22, March 20 in April, and 30 in May.

Dengue Fever Prevention Tips

To prevent dengue fever, keep these things in mind:

  1. To prevent dengue, it is necessary to avoid the bites of dengue mosquitoes and control the spread of these mosquitoes.
  2. Dengue mosquito bites mainly in the morning. To control dengue mosquitoes, their breeding sites should be destroyed.
  3. This mosquito breeds in clean stagnant water like coolers and water tanks etc. Use insecticides where water is expected to accumulate.
  4. Sleep with a mosquito net daily and wear full clothes. Keep the cream on to avoid mosquito bites.
  5. Maintain cleanliness in and around the house as dirt increases the chances of dengue mosquito breeding.
  6. If you see the symptoms of dengue, definitely consult a doctor.

The increasing cases of dengue in Delhi are very worrying. Governments are taking steps to control dengue on their part, but people should also not ignore dengue fever. You can control dengue fever by keeping the surroundings clean and not allowing water to stagnate.

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