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6 tried and tested natural home remedies for gas trouble

Gas and diarrhea: According to Dr. HK Bhakru, turmeric is an intestinal antiseptic and helps prevent gas and is beneficial in case of chronic diarrhea. The cleansing properties of turmeric also help in keeping the digestive system clean and healthy.

Bid goodbye to flatulence and gas trouble with these tried and tested remedies.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : September 4, 2015 7:17 PM IST

Passing gas is natural when it accumulates in the body but it can be embarrassing if you fart in public and painful if excessive gas accumulates in the stomach and results in cramps. Instead of popping a pill every time, using natural remedies to reduce gastric pain and bloating is safer and more effective too. Here are 10 reasons that cause bloating or abdominal gas. Following is the list of personally tried and tested natural ingredients to reduce pain due to gas.


One natural remedy that has been followed in our family since I was a child and which is my go to remedy every time I suffer from excessive gas trouble is to apply a paste of asafoetida on the stomach. Mix asafoetida or hing with water to form a thick paste and apply it in a circular motion starting from the navel and moving outwards. Allow it to dry. The cramps and back pain due to excessive accumulation of gas reduce in a few minutes post application.

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Carom seeds

Carom seeds or ajwain are another home remedy that is tried and tested personally. Swallow a spoonful of ajwain or carom seeds with water when you feel discomfort or pain due to gas.


The carminative properties of ginger prevent the formation of excessive gas in the stomach and help relax the intestinal tract. Boil fresh ginger in one cup water and sip it. You can add honey to the tea if you are not comfortable with the pungent taste. Here s why ginger is the perfect remedy for flatulence.

Lemon water

Drinking warm water with lemon and honey has many health benefits including preventing gastric pain. Sip warm lemon water to alleviate the pain and prevent gas formation in the stomach. The acidic nature of lemon boosts the metabolism and production hydrochloric acid in the body making digestion of food easy. If food is digested well, bloating and gas are prevented.

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Fennel or saunf is a common ingredient and is commonly chewed post meals in India to aid digestion and prevent flatulence. When suffering from bloating or flatulence, chew some fennel or boil it in a cup of water and sip it. This natural ingredient provides relief from gas in just 5-10 minutes and hence is a personal favourite. Do you know the health benefits of chewing fennel seeds everyday?

Baking soda

A few decades back when fruit salts were not introduced in villages in India, the easiest remedy to alleviate gas trouble and control flatulence was the baking soda drink. Squeeze one lime in half glass water and then add a teaspoon of baking soda to it. Drinking this helps in releasing the gas accumulated in the body thus providing instant relief.

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