Morning Heart Attacks: 7 Unusual Winter Heart Disease Symptoms That Appear in Morning

Morning Heart Attacks: 7 Unusual Winter Heart Disease Symptoms That Appear in Morning
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Never miss out on these 7 little-known signs and symptoms of an impending heart attack, that only appears during the morning time in winter.

Written by Satata Karmakar |Updated : December 10, 2023 11:27 AM IST

Winters are not only harsh on your skin but can also invite tons of chronic heart-related health conditions including heart issues, morning stroke, cardiac arrest, etc. While the typical signs and symptoms of a heart attack, such as chest pain and shortness of breath, are well-known to each one of you, winter can bring on some additional and sometimes unusual (rare) symptoms that can often go unnoticed or be mistaken for something else. As temperature plummets, we reveal the top 7 signs and symptoms of heart disease that are mostly common during the winter mornings.

7 Unusual Winter Heart Attack Symptoms That Show Up in the Morning

Here are 7 unusual symptoms of a winter heart attack that appear in the morning:

Unexplained Fatigue Due To Heart Attack

Waking up after completing your 8 hours of sleep, but your body is still tired and feeling fatigued? You could be at risk of a heart attack. Yes, you read that right, feeling sluggish, and exhausted even after getting enough sleep that the body needs, can be an indication of a heart attack. This mainly happens because the heart is being pushed to work harder to pump blood due to the cold weather, which makes you feel tired in return.

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Shortness of Breathe In Heart Attack

As the temperature goes down, your heart finds it difficult to pump blood to all the body parts, including your lungs. When the blood doesn't reach your lungs, or get enough space in the arteries to flow, you experience breathing issues. While shortness of breath is a classic symptom of a heart attack, it can be more pronounced in the morning during winter. The cold air can constrict the airways, making it harder to breathe.

Dizziness or Lightheadedness Due to Heart Disease

You will also experience waking up feeling dizzy and or lightheaded upon standing up in the morning. This is an indication of low blood pressure, which can be a symptom of a heart attack. This is also true when the dizziness is accompanied by other symptoms like chest pain, nausea, and tiredness.

Sweating In The Morning

A classic sign and symptom of an impending heart attack is sweating. When you notice excessive body sweat especially during the winter morning, when it's cold outside. This mainly happens because the body is trying to cool itself down as it works harder to pump blood. Sweating excessively can also lead to over-dehydration, causing your heart to collapse. Therefore, morning sweating during winter shouldn't be ignored.

Pain Behind The Eyes Due To Heart Attack

A rare, and unusual sign of an ailing heart can be seen in your eyes when you notice a sudden pain behind your retina. This is a warning sign of an impending heart attack which you must never ignore.

Anxiety or Feeling of Doom

Waking up feeling anxious or doomed without any reason, is a sign that appears right before a heart attack. This can be especially pronounced in the morning when people are just waking up and their bodies are adjusting to the day.

"Your heart works tirelessly to keep you healthy and happy, day and night; give it the special attention it deserves, especially during the winter."