Monsoon: Know how to protect the elders

Follow this health guide given by Dr Preeti Chhabria, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital.

Monsoon brings great respite from heat but is also brings with it a host of diseases and there is a group of people who need to take extra care. Yes! We are talking about the geriatric population. Generally, people love monsoon, but the older population might not agree to it as monsoon can be a difficult season for them to venture out or keep up to their daily routine. It can worsen their existing illnesses, falls, injuries and so on and hamper the quality of life of the senior citizens. So, the family members should give an extra attention to the elderly population and help them lead a healthy life.

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Dr Preeti Chhabria, consultant,internal medicine department, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital explains, "Flu, pneumonia, cold, malaria and dengue are the common ailments seen in the older people. As we age, not only does the body age, but even the immune system ages. Due to which, immunity takes a hit and the older population becomes more prone to infections."

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Below, Dr Preeti Chhabria lists out the symptoms and the preventive measures:

Early signs too look for:

  • When older folks have low appetite changes in behavior like feeling sleepy and low in energy
  • Fatigue fever or not interested in what they do. Then, the family members should take caution and visit the doctor

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Keep these things in mind:

  • Avoid taking them to crowded gatherings
  • No self treatment
  • Those with asthma and heart illness should take proper and extra care
  • Build immunity and stay well hydrated
  • Get the older population vaccinated for influenza
  • Encourage healthy eating habits and eat nutritious food

As per Dr Preeti Chhabria, to stay happy and healthy, the elderly population should follow the health care tips listed above, to help them keep themselves in top shape."

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