Monkeypox Patient Shares First Symptoms That Appear At Night: 'Worst Pain of My Life'

Monkeypox Patient Shares First Symptoms That Appears At Night: 'Worst Pain of My Life'

A patient suffering from monkeypox shares the story of his encounter with the monkeypox virus. Know how the symptoms progressed in his case.

Monkeypox, the new viral disease threat which has already been declared a 'global health emergency' by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is now present in over 80 countries. At this time, people are mostly confused about the symptoms that one may experience after contracting the virus. This disease comes with symptoms that are very similar to those of the COVID-19 virus and other flu diseases. According to the experts, one of the primary reasons behind the sudden surge in monkeypox cases across the globe is the lack of knowledge about the symptoms of this condition.

Patient Shares Worst Encounter With Monkeypox

In a recent video, which has gone viral on the internet, a patient (named Ollie Sinha) who tested positive for monkeypox shared some of the worst symptoms that he had to fight when suffering from the disease. In the video, Ollie says that he initially thought he is suffering from COVID which later turned out to be monkeypox, and the reason is similar symptoms between the two viral infections. In the viral video, Ollie can be heard saying: "I have a weakened immune system due to personal health reasons and I also tend to pick my skin a lot due to anxiety. I didn't get this through s-e-x."

The young man went on to say that the initial symptoms that he has been fever and extreme sweating at night. This was followed by skin lesions (which appeared after a few days). "Initially I was worried that it was Covid as my dad had tested positive and I was coughing fairly badly as well. However, the monkeypox symptoms on the skin started appearing after a few days," He said in the video.

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The man also added that the skin lesions were followed by red blisters and small reddish bumps, which started becoming bigger and were eventually filled with pus. He says that one of the most dangerous symptoms is that "The bumps started getting bigger and were in quite unfortunate places. I was probably in the worst pain of my life," Ollie says in the video. He went on to say that these skin lesions and bumps didn't let him sleep properly and they were extremely painful too. "It was excruciating. I was crying trying to get out of the car, getting in and even sitting in the car. Walking became so painful."

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