MIS-C Infections Spreading Rapidly Among Children Post-Covid Recovery: Symptoms To Look Out For

MIS-C Infections Spreading Rapidly Among Children Post-Covid Recovery: Symptoms To Look Out For
After Black Fungus, MIS-C Infections Cases Reported In Kids Post-COVID

As the country battles its biggest fight against novel coronavirus, cases of MIS-C Infections among kids are on the rise. Read to know what this infection is and what are the warning signs and symptoms one should look out for.

Written by Satata Karmakar |Updated : June 4, 2021 10:05 AM IST

India is reeling under the second wave of coronavirus which has ravaged the country with thousands of deaths and cases of severe illnesses. At this time when the health infrastructure is fighting its biggest battle, cases of black, white, and yellow fungus, a new fungal infection were reported from various corners of the country. More than 15,000 cases of black fungus have been reported from across India so far. While black fungus infection cases are increasing, a new infection called MIS-C (Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome) has been reported amongst the recovered COVID-19 patients or those who are in the process of recovery. What is more concerning right now is that most of these MIS-C infection cases are reported amongst children.

According to the reports, around 177 cases of Multi-System Inflammatory (MIS-C infection) syndrome have been detected amongst children who are either being getting treated for COVID-19 or have already recovered from the virus infection. Here is a statewide graph of the MIS-C infection - Delhi reportedly registered around 109 cases of MIS-C infection, around 10 cases have been reported from Ahmedabad, and more than 100 cases of MIS-C infection have been reported from Rajkot.

What Is MIS-C Infection?

MIS-C Infection or Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome is a serious autoimmune condition which is associated with COVID-19 infection which has wreaked havoc around the world, killing millions. Children who are testing positive for COVID-19, are not showing any major symptoms which is why it is being warned that the third wave of coronavirus may affect the kids more and they will mostly be asymptomatic. Coming to the MIS-C infection in children, experts have stated that a very small portion of the COVID-positive kids can develop this infection within 3-6 weeks post-recovery.

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What is this infection? Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome as the name suggests, this infection leads to inflammation which further leads to organ dysfunction which if not treated on time, can turn fatal. However, it is yet to be stated how the inflammation happens, experts are assuming that it is antibody-mediated where the body's immune system reacts against the antibodies (created to fight COVID-19) causing a hyperimmune reaction. This whole process can cause major damage to the organs. Some of the most common organs that get affected by the MIS-C infection are the heart and cardiovascular system, GI tract, skin, eyes, brain, and kidneys.

Which Age Group Is Mostly Getting Affected?

The rising number of MIS-C infection cases among kids has become a new cause of concern for healthcare workers. According to the experts, children mostly between 1 to 18 years are reportedly suffering from this infection post-COVID recovery.

Warning Signs And Symptoms Of MIS-C Infection

As we know to protect the body from various illnesses, it is very important to know the signs and symptoms of the diseases. Here are the common symptoms of MIS-C in children:

  1. Prolonged fever
  2. Stomach ache
  3. Diarrhoea
  4. Unexplained fatigue
  5. Impounding heartbeat rate
  6. Enlarged lymph nodes
  7. Skin rashes or redness
  8. Chronic Headache
  9. Pink or red eyes

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