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Migraine: It can be troubling, here’s how you can prevent triggering it

Migraine can be troubling and preventing migraine triggers can help you manage the condition. @Shutterstock

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you know how bad it can get. It, in a way, halts life for couple of days with unbearable symptoms and after-effects. Though, it's not possible to control what happens when migraine hits, you can be careful about the reasons triggering it.

Written by Sukriti Shahi |Updated : November 18, 2019 6:40 PM IST

Migraine is an unbearable headache which occurs in varying intensity. It's accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and insensitivity towards light and sound. Migraine is a common condition and around 10 million people in India are affected by it. It's usually triggered by one or other reason which can be self-diagnosed. It's easier to know what may trigger the condition for you; the reason can range from hormonal changes, certain food or a drink, stress or an intense exercise. It's defined as a throbbing headache in one side of the head and the chronic cases may have it for years or lifelong.

The causes of migraine not clear but it's usually suspected because of an abnormal activity in brain. This activity can disrupt the way brain nerves communicate and may also cause a chemical imbalance which results in headache. Few studies have also predicted genetics as one reason behind migraine; it may trigger your symptoms. To start with, note your triggers points. Analyse what you did before and after the headache came. Then try to eliminate those factors. Till then, here's what all you can do.

Take note of what you eat

Migraine headache is mostly triggered by a food or drink. If you have migraine for some time now, you'll be able to notice a pattern. If there is a particular food you notice that's triggering your migraine symptoms, you know what to do.

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Cut you caffeine intake to prevent migraine

If you have migraine and you love coffee, you might have a problem here. Caffeine is one of the common triggers. Too much of its consumption can work against your migraine symptoms. Another thing to note here is that cutting caffeine abruptly can also trigger your headache. If you have noticed caffeine aggravating your symptoms, slowly cut it down.

Rest and have proper sleep

Lack of sleep stresses brain nerves and it may trigger your migraine. Also, if you are in a job which involves lot of screen time of you don't get enough time to rest, try to squeeze out some time for your eyes rest period. Close your eyes for few minutes to relax your nerves. Make sure you sleep properly. Exertion can also trigger migraine symptoms so make sure you get enough rest.

Managing stress is of prime importance

If you have migraine, you cannot have thousands of ideas in your head. Stress can make you tense and that's enough reason to trigger your migraine symptoms. You also need to find out what works better for you in managing your stress. Meditation, exercise or counselling choose what works for you and make sure you manage your stress levels.

Avoid dehydration, it triggers migraine

Dehydration anyway causes headache so, it's no rocket-science to understand that it can trigger your migraine symptoms also. Make sure you are hydrated and your energy levels are up.

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