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Your tattoos may hint at an ailing mind

Getting tattooed may not always be just following a trend. It may also signify your imbalanced state of mind and psychological disorder. Find out here.

Written by Sreemoyee Chatterjee |Published : July 22, 2018 4:33 PM IST

Getting inked is a modern-day trend and is now accepted as a fashion statement. Tattoo parlours are multiplying with every passing day, thanks to the increasing demand of flaunting a tattoo. Ever thought that your urge of getting inked may imply to an unstable mind and personality disorders, especially borderline disorder and depression? Sounds weird, isn't it? But that's what several researchers say. A study conducted by the Centre for Forensic Psychiatry, Michigan Department of Community Health shows that those with a desire to get inked are at a greater risk of suffering from antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). Not just that, the tattooed ones are more prone to substance abuse, sexual abuse and suicide attempts compared to those with a clean body. Researchers have concluded that tattoos are indicators of mental illness, lack of foresight and promiscuous behaviour.

Tattoos imply an urge to have multiple sexual partners: Several studies have found that being tattooed is linked with greater number of lifetime sexual partners, earlier sexual initiation and higher frequency of sexual intercourse. Not just that, those with tattoos were also found to have a rough history of sexual abuse leading to mental disparity, arousing the desire of having unprotected copulation among adolescents.

Getting inked is linked with ASPD:Those suffering from antisocial personality disorder and having impairment in both self and inter-personal functioning are more inclined to tattoos. Hence, if you find anyone who only thinks about himself, is obsessed with his personal goals and fails to conform to social norms with multiple tattoos, it will not be surprising.

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Those with BPD tends to get inked than others: Studies have shown that those possessing symptoms of borderline personality disorder (BPD) like frequent, intense mood swings and an inability to control outburst of emotions are more likely to get tattoos all over the body or in more than one body part. Researchers explain that their failure to manage their own emotions gets reflected in the pain they undergo to bear the tattoos on their skin.

Tattoos imply lack of foresight: Tattoos are a direct reflection of uncontrollable impulsiveness among teens. Those with tattoos are more likely to be associated with risk taking behaviours like smoking and cannabis use, hard drug abuse, violence and suicide.

Getting inked has a lot to do with psychological imbalance: Researchers have observed that those with a desire of getting inked are more into mental blocks and psychological disorders like depression, eating disorders, neuroticism and increased suicidal tendency. Excessive tattoos among adolescents correlate with emotional distress along with suicidal idealisation and attempts.

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