Did you know inability to be alone is a mental disorder?

In case you struggle to be alone and constantly depend on someone else for decision making, its time to see a doctor.

Do you find it difficult to be alone and you always need someone to back you for every decision you take in life? Well, that might not just indicate you are an extrovert and you cherish others' company. You might be suffering from dependent personality disorder (DPD), an anxiety personality disorder that comes with an inability to be alone. People suffering from this condition might be as normal as anyone around when they are in a group. However, their symptoms trigger whenever they are left to be alone. While this condition is not very common among children, it mostly shows up during early or middle adulthood, say experts.

Symptoms you need to check out

Here is a list of signs to indicate whether you suffer from dependency personality disorder or not.

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  • Submissive behavior
  • Depending on friends and family members for decision making
  • Requiring constant assurance and back up from others
  • Being completely devastated by disapprovals
  • Feeling suffocated, confined and nervous when alone
  • Fearing rejection
  • Inability to be alone
  • Being very conscious about criticisms
  • Fearing abandonment

A person with DPD when kept alone can experience extreme level of nervousness, anxiety, panic attacks, fear and hopelessness. Reach out to a doctor in case you are facing these issues.

Why DPD occurs?

There are several risk factors contributing to emerging signs of dependency personality disorder in a patient, say doctors.If you have a history of neglect or an abusive upbringing or have been in a long-term abusive relationship, if you have had authoritarian parents or you belong to a family with history of anxiety disorders, then there are more chances of getting DPD.

Treating DPD

The treatment for this condition primarily emphasises on allaying symptoms. Psychotherapy comes first in the list where you have a counselor to better understand your situation and help you with new ways of building healthy relationships and bettering your self-esteem. However, in this condition, psychotherapy can put you at greater risk of depending on your therapist. It is always better to avoid medication but for extreme level of panic attacks you may have to pop pills.

Check it early

If not treated and controlled at the right time, DPD might lead to several complications like anxiety disorders including panic disorder, avoidant personality disorder, obsessive compulsive personality disorder (OCPD), depression, substance abuse and phobias of situations, heights, performance and many more. However, doctors say, if detected early and treated at initial stages, several complications related to dependency personality disorder can be avoided.

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