6 reasons why daydreaming can be good for you

6 reasons why daydreaming can be good for you
Daydreaming can help you stay focused. © Shutterstock

Do you tend to daydream and then feel guilty for wasting your time for doing so? But, you will be surprised to know that it can help you enhance your working memory and may help you relax. Here, we decode the positive aspects of daydreaming.

Written by Editorial Team |Published : February 1, 2019 4:23 PM IST

Are you into daydreaming? Do you keep on staring out of the window in the middle of your presentation and keep thinking about your upcoming meeting? Have you ever been scolded by your teacher for doing the same during your school days? Well, several studies suggest that daydreaming is a strong indicator of an active brain. We brief you why taking that periodic trip to la-la land can be helpful for you.

1: It can relax your mind

Scientists describe daydreaming as short-term detachment from one's immediate surroundings. Daydreaming can help you de-stress. It enables your mind to take a break for the duration of the entire time while you daydream. You will be able to return to your work with refreshed and renewed mind and can complete your task in a better way. One may get bored by working on the same thing for a longer period of time. Owing to which you will also not be able to focus properly. So, daydreaming can help your mind to keep away from the issue for a few minutes.

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2: It can improve your working memory

According to a study conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain science and researchers from the University of Wisconsin, a wandering mind correlates with higher degrees of working memory (working memory is your brain s ability to store and then recall information in the face of distractions).

3: It can help increase productivity

In the middle of the day, if you daydream about the problems at your work or other issues as well. Then, you will be able to think of a variety of solutions to get rid of the problems. Moreover, it can help elevate your mood and you will also feel better. You will be able to boost your productivity if you feel better. Hence, you will get enough motivated to do your work properly and can be ready to take up the next challenge. But, make sure that you do end up spending a lot of time doing so.

4: It can help you maintain relationships

Did you know? Daydreaming can help you maintain your relationships. If you are away from your friend or partner then daydreaming about spending time with them will make you feel like you are still together. So, you can either recollect those good memories which you have with your friends or partner. Or in certain situations, what will you do with your friends or partner. Even though it is not the same as being with those special people in your life, it can help you keep thinking about them rather than letting them slip out of your mind.

5: It can help you become creative

A study carried out at the Georgia Institute of Technology revealed that daydreaming during meetings isn't bad. It can be a sign that you're really smart and creative. The study found that the participants who shared frequent daydreaming saw higher test scores when measured for intellectual and creative abilities.

6: It can help you focus and achieve your goals

Daydreaming may not only help you focus, de-stress and become creative. It can also help you meet your goals. Few studies suggest that you are more likely to reach your goals if you daydream being successful at your task or even in a certain position in life. So, this visualization can help you meet your target and fulfil your dreams.