Menstruation tip – use extra cotton pads to avoid stains on clothes and bed sheets

Try this trick to save yourself from loads of washing to be done during periods to remove stains

The period stain is a common problem we all have to deal with right after menstrual cramps. No matter what kind of pads you invest in, you cannot totally escape stains on your dress, panties and the worst on your bed sheets. Often these stains are stubborn and refuse to go even after numerous washes. Women with heavy flow will know what I am talking about. The worst happens during the night your bed sheets are stained if you fail to change pads during the night, like wake up from your sleep and do it. Night time staining happens not on the sides of your panties but on the rear side of your panties. Mostly if you sleep straight and the blood flows backwards.

If you suffer from a backache and use a hot water bag to soothe the pain, you will know that sleeping straight gives more relief than cuddling and sleeping. But this also increases the chance of staining. I have suffered it for too long myself and decided that when on periods I cannot sacrifice on my sleep position. So I had to find a way to stop this staining.

I found an easy way to tackle this problem. I started using extra cotton padding along with my regular pads (XL with wings on both sides) to avoid staining. So here is what I do: make simple cotton pads. Buy a cotton roll and cut them to the size of a pad. Use two to three layers if your flow is too heavy at night and place the same in the rear end of your pad for extra length. Let this extra piece of cotton run the entire length of your panty. In this way, you will rest assured that you won t stain your pants or the bed sheet while in sleep.

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But if you are using this extra padding make sure you are careful while removing your pants in the loo and don t forget about it. There are chances that if you don t pay attention while removing your panty the cotton pad might fall on the bathroom floor and get soiled. So, make sure you remember about it the night after and don t leave it on the bathroom floor. You can also use this trick to prevent staining of your trousers or dresses when you have to spend long hours at the office and stuck in a meeting during your periods.

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