Men's Role In Forging A Healthy Relationship: Expert Speaks On The Evolution Of Family Building

Men's Role In Forging A Healthy Relationship: Expert Speaks On The Evolution Of Family Building
Men's Role In Forging A Healthy Relationship: Expert Speaks On The Evolution Of Family Building

Dr Chandni Tugnait, an M.D. and Psychotherapist, speaks on the evolutionary role of men in relationships and family building.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : December 1, 2023 4:56 PM IST

The landscape of relationships is ever-changing, and men's roles are altering dramatically within it. As we explore the changing role of men in relationships, it becomes clear that the conventional moulds of the past are giving way to a more flexible, inclusive, and emotionally sophisticated model and in the wake of outdated conventions fading, more empowering ones take form in their wake. Care and vulnerability yield resilience; self-reliance shifts into recognizing interdependence with compassion. Upon these tenets, modern fathers, husbands, and mentors lay foundations and plant seeds destined to outlast the

Men have traditionally been positioned as providers and decision-makers in partnerships. However, modern demands gradually diminish these restrictive notions. Men are now urged to break free from established gender stereotypes and embrace a more expansive and authentic version of themselves. This deviation from the norm is not intended to diminish duties but to extend the spectrum, allowing men to express vulnerabilities and feelings freely.

Dr Chandni Tugnait, an M.D., Psychotherapist, Life Coach and the Founder & Director - Gateway of Healing spoke to TheHealthsite.com on the evolutionary role of men in relationships and family building.

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The Evolving Role Of Men In Relationships

Here are some of the ways in which role of men is evolving in relationships:

Defying Conventional Norms: Men are breaking free from established gender roles. This departure allows for a more expansive and real masculine expression. Men are taking on more childcare duties and household responsibilities as gender norms shift towards equitable divisions of labor.

Communication As A Foundation: The notion that "real men don't show emotions" is giving way. Emotional expression is increasingly regarded as a strength promoting stronger partnership ties. Younger generations of men are more comfortable articulating their feelings, needs and insecurities in relationships rather than repressing them.

Partnership And Equality: Decision-making is no longer a one-sided affair but rather a collective process. Men take an active role in shared obligations, thereby breaking gender norms.

Redefining Supportive Partnerships: Being a supportive partner entails more than just supplying; it also entails being emotionally present. Men appreciate the value of emotional support, defying the stoic stereotype.

Embracing Vulnerability: Admitting mistakes, asking for help, and revealing sensitivity are becoming more acceptable as rigid masculine ideals fall away.

Celebrating Diversity: Accepting and celebrating differences creates a space for mutual progress. Rather than subscribing to rigid norms, the emphasis is on accepting differences.

Bigger Impact: Embracing authenticity has an impact not just on individual relationships but also on society's perspectives. Male roles in the media are also changing because of cultural shifts. By modeling evolved masculinity, developing nurturing& communicative skills men are paying it forward, promoting a well-rounded masculine identity for the next generation.


Men's changing roles in relationships require a journey of self-discovery, truthfulness, and adaptability. It's about breaking free from old paradigms and embracing a more emotionally aware and inclusive approach to collaboration. With gender parity expanding, men are reclaiming fuller dimensions of the human experience outside constrained stereotypes. Mutually supportive relationships based on authenticity rather than role-play emerge from this progress. Accepting these changes enables more rewarding and lasting connections between partners, ushering in a new era of partnerships based on equality, communication, and genuine emotional connection.