Meal plan for gout patients to keep uric acid in check

Follow this meal plan to reduce pain and inflammation.

If you have gout, you need to be on a low-purine diet. So you need to plan your meals in such a way that you include very limited amount of foods that are moderately high in purines. If you are not sure what to eat, here is a low-purine diet for you recommended by Kolkata-based nutritionist Sushmita Dam.

Breakfast: For breakfast, select high fibre products and replace buffalo milk (high-fat milk) with cow s milk (low-fat milk). Eat one bowl broken wheat or barley with low-fat dairy milk or 1 roti with 1 bowl thin dal.

Mid-morning: You can have one low purine fruit and vitamin C rich fruit like orange or sweet lime, kiwi and grapefruit. Low purine fruit produces less uric acid. Here are ways to stay hydrated and deal with gout.

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Lunch: Weight loss is the primary step in the management of gout. This is because people who are obese or overweight are at a higher risk. So the key is to start your meal with a lot of healthy salad and restrict the amount of carbohydrate intake. You can have one bowl salad (use low purine vegetables like beetroot, cabbage, carrot, cucumber and kale)) along with a roti or a katori brown rice with a bowl of split dal (thin consistency). You can also have a katori of low-fat paneer or a katori chicken curry with one medium sized piece of chicken. Have a glass of buttermilk with your meal.

Mid-evening: Drink a cup of green tea along with a portion fibre-rich cereal grain. Make sure that you do not select maida rich (low fibre) products.

Evening: Have two whole walnuts or 4 almonds along with low purine vegetable soup. Almonds and walnuts are low in purines. Select home-made vegetable juice or soup over fruit juices and soft drinks.

Dinner: Have an early dinner. Eat a bowl of salad (use low purine vegetables) along with a roti or a katori brown rice and one bowl split dal (thin consistency). You can also eat one katori low-fat paneer or a katori chicken curry with a medium sized piece of chicken. Also, drink a glass of warm cow s milk before going to bed. These 9 superfoods can help fight arthritis.

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