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Here's how to keep your home free of mosquitoes

Some plants and flowers can ward off mosquitoes ©Shutterstock

Don't want to use chemical-laced mosquito repellents? Try these tricks to ward off mosquitoes and prevent diseases like malaria and dengue.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : January 11, 2019 11:53 AM IST

The one way to keep malaria and dengue fever away is to ward off mosquitoes. A recent research has led to the discovery of a mosquito birth control. The research reported in Reuters, found that blocking a protein in female mosquitoes could curb the birth of mosquito embryos. Not just that the researchers also found that the mosquitoes couldn't reproduce for the rest of their 3-week span. Mosquitoes are a menace throughout the year but they seem to be even more active in winters. If you have tried store-bought mosquito repellents, you know that they aren't all that effective. Besides, their fumes can be harmful too. Did you know that chemical-filled mosquito repellents Try these quick and easy tricks to keep mosquitoes away from your home.

1) Make your own DIY mosquito repellent: Try mixing neem oil or tea tree oil with crushed camphor. Put this mixture into an empty mosquito repellent refill bottle and plug it in. There are antiprotozoal compounds neem oil that helps ward off mosquitoes. You could also mix 5-6 drops of tea tree oil to two tablespoons of water in a spray bottle and spray it on the clothes.

2) Always swat your mosquitoes away: A study suggests that mosquitoes may abandon hosts who swat at them. According to the researchers, hosts who swat at mosquitoes or perform other defensive behaviours may be abandoned by the mosquitoes.

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3) Keep your alcohol consumption under check: A study reported that mosquitoes are more attracted to those who consumed beer.

4) Grow these flowers around your house: Or crush their petals and apply on their self or lay the petals on your bed. The extracts of the four o' clock flower or Mirabilis jalapa are effective against An. stephensi, Ae. aegypti and Cx. quinquefasciatus breeds of mosquitoes and killing their larvae. Tusli flower, lavender flower, geranium flower and marigold flower are effective against mosquito bites too.

5) Grow these plants around your house:Herbs like catnip, lemon balm, basil, mint, thyme, rosemary, garlic, citronella odomos plant and lemongrass help deter mosquitoes naturally.

6) Window nets and mosquito bats: Get net windows installed. Every evening, before it gets dark, make sure to shut the windows and only then switch off the light. Also, keep mosquito swapping bats with you. Make to swat them when they come close.

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