Lower cholesterol with fenugreek or methi seeds

Looking for a natural remedy for lowering cholesterol? Here's an effective one you must try

Lower cholesterol with methi seedsAn increased level of bad cholesterol or (LDL) is going to put you at risk of heart disease. While you're taking medications to control it, you can try this easy home remedy to help it lower naturally fenugreek seeds or methi ke dane.

Fenugreek seeds are loaded with compounds called steroidal saponins. These compounds reduce the body's absorption of cholesterol from fat-rich foods that you eat. Saponins have also been suggested to play a major role in lowering the synthesis of cholesterol in the body without having a negative effect on HDL (good) cholesterol levels. Apart from being rich in saponins, the seeds are also rich in fibre that increases the absorption of blood cholesterol by the liver to produce bile. Read fenugreek or methi- A complete how-to guide to use it for better health.

Here's a useful tip: Roast the seeds for about two minutes, with constant stirring. Cool the seeds and then powder them. Add one teaspoon of this to hot or cold water and have it once or twice in a day.

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