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Ladies! Here Are 5 Myths About Menstruation You Must Not Believe

Ladies! Here Are 5 Myths About Menstruation You Must Not Believe
Ladies! Here Are 5 Myths About Menstruation You Must Not Believe

There are numerous myths about menstruation circulating int he world, but worry not, we are here to debunk them!

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Published : May 19, 2023 7:26 PM IST

Considering the huge population of women in this world, we can safely draw the conclusion that almost half of the total population experiences will experience or has experienced menstruation. Menstruation is the natural process which marks the onset of puberty for girls and also ensures fertility for women. But, even in the 21st century there are widespread myths, taboos and stigmas attached to this very natural pathway to womanhood. In some cases conservative cultures and societies are responsible for taboos and stigmas and in other cases, lack of education and awareness is responsible for the myths. Therefore, as a member of The Health Site, a team lead by women, we are here to debunk some of these widely circulated misconceptions regarding menstruation.

5 Myths About Our Monthly Periods We Must Not Believe: What Is The Truth?

Myth: It Is Unsafe To Use Birth Control To Skip Periods

Birth control pills are sometimes used by women to skip their period. People often have the misconception that it is not healthy to take this pill every month. However, studies say otherwise. A guideline issued by the National Women's Health Network stated that, suppressing menstruation through pills is not harmful and it is actually recommended by gynecologists. These pills are also recommended to women with hormonal troubles. However, make sure to consult your doctors before taking these pills.

Myth: Women Should Not Shower

Another misconception that we must not believe under any circumstances is that we cannot shower while we are on periods. Taking a shower or having a bath is actually very comforting during periods. The warm water helps reduce menstrual cramps and also helps us feel more relaxed and can boost our mood. There is not impact on pour bleeding when we take a shower and even if there is, it is not at all harmful.

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Myth: Periods Dates May Sync With Other Women

The fact that the period date of women living in close quarters syncs, is more of a coincidence than a true fact. Many women have reported that there cycle syncs with that of their roommates of co-workers or flat mates but there is little to no evidence to prove it.

Myth: Tampon Use Can Damage Female Genitalia

It is a myth that tampons might damage the female genitalia. Our genitalia are made of muscles which can expand and contract therefore; a small tampon cannot do any harm. The second myth is that a tampon may get lost inside, which is also untrue. The cervix is located above our genital area. The pathway is too small for the tampon to penetrate. So, ladies, no worries there!

Myth: You Cannot Be Physically Intimate With Your Partner

Physical intimacy during menstruation can be a little icky but it is certainly a myth that you cannot be intimate at all. Physical intimacy can actually have certain benefits like reduce our menstrual cramps, improve our mood and also balance our hormones. So, the next time you feel grossed out by the thought, think of the benefits it could reap.

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