Know about these 5 natural remedies to treat PCOS

Alarmingly, various estimates prove that about 6 percent to 21 percent of women of childbearing age are affected by PCOS. The medications for PCOS last for long and it is best to prevent the condition. If not prevent it, it is best to treat it by using natural remedies.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS is a complex condition that is caused due to various hormonal imbalance in a woman's body. The trouble with women suffering from PCOS is that there is no one approach that can treat every woman and therefore, medications for PCOS are also a little complicated.

Treating ailments at home, using home remedies is always better, since it doesn't cause any side-effects. Try these remedies to treat and manage PCOS better.

5 natural remedies

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  1. Take enough rest- Women, all your habits of rushing to work each day or missing sleep to take care of your kids might land you in trouble. Trust us, sleep is medicine. Take enough rest. Sleep deprivation is a known cause of PCOS.
  2. Eat right- Eating right is the key to most of your health problems. Yes, have foods that are anti-inflammatory if you have a PCOS problem. Reduce your carbohydrate intake too. Some studies have also shown that following a Keto diet could be beneficial for those suffering from PCOS.
  3. Exercise in the right manner- Understand one thing about exercising well, you shouldn't over do it or skip it either. Moderation could go a long way for you. Exercising too much could put you in some trouble, likewise, not exercising at all, could prove to be a trouble. Women with PCOS, who exercise are said to be recovering faster as exercises help in managing its symptoms better.
  4. Get more Vitamin D- Estimates show that about 67-85 per cent of women with PCOS are deficient in Vitamin D. While this deficiency isn't a direct cause of PCOS, the symptoms of PCOS can be triggered due to deficiency of Vitamin D. Apart from just this, vitamin D helps is slowing down the growth of cysts in the ovaries.
  5. PCOS supplements- The thing about supplements is, they NEED to be taken only after the supervision of your doctor. However, some supplements that are proven to be effective for someone with PCOS are:

    - Magnesium



    -Folic acid

    - Chromium.

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