Is diabetes ruining your sex life?

Person with a high blood sugar may experience a disturbed sex life. However this can be overcome with proper treatment and by controlling one's blood sugar levels.

Diabetes and sexChronic illnesses like diabetes give rise to a thousand questions like how to reduce blood sugar levels, what to eat and how to lose weight. But have you ever wondered about the toll it might take on your sex life? Experts say that high blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels as well as the nerves, which in turn creates an obstruction in normal blood flow to the genitalia thereby inhibiting their functioning. This is how the health condition can have an adverse effect on normal sex life. Here are the lists of some sex related complications that may arise if you are diabetic. These include:

1. Decrease in libido: Causes of decreased libido among diabetics are mainly due to a lack of energy, depression, fatigue and hormonal changes, or may also be due to the intake of antihypertensive medications (if having high BP).

2. Diabetic neuropathy: Experts have found that 75% of males and 35% of females experience sexual problems due to diabetic neuropathy (damage of nerves). This is so because, high blood sugar levels damage the nerves, which inhibits sexual response.

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3. Erectile dysfunction: This is the most common sexual problem in diabetic men (also called impotence). Erectile dysfunction develops due to damage to the nerves or blood vessels in the penis. Apart from this, stress or fear can also be an important factor for erectile dysfunction.

4. Retrograde ejaculation: In men with diabetes, the sphincter muscle gets damaged and the semen flows backwards into the bladder instead of flowing through the tip of the penis. High blood glucose levels can damage the sphincter muscle and its controlling nerves, so, the sphincter doesn't close properly, allowing for a back-flow of semen into the bladder.

5. Vaginal dryness: The main cause for vaginal dryness is not entirely known but it seems that the damage of blood vessel due to diabetes may be a factor dryness in some cases.

6. Other infections: Diabetes leads to various vaginal infections and inflammation, which can also make sexual activities more uncomfortable. Of these, urinary tract infections are most common.

In case of any such complications, you should discuss them with your partner and consult with your gynecologist without further delay. Proper medication and a controlled blood sugar level may help you to get relief from the problem.


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