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Are you sleeping well? Check your sleep quality with this quiz

Take the test to know whether you need to get your sleeping problem checked.

Written by Sandhya Raghavan |Published : January 8, 2018 5:24 PM IST

Good quality sleep is the cornerstone of good health but a restful 8 hours of uninterrupted shut eye is a privilege these days. The stress of a modern day lifestyle is making us burn the proverbial midnight oil, leaving us sleepy all day and wide awake at night. Our caffeine habits and screen time addiction don't help either. It's no surprise that we have been waking up more tired and wearier than before. According to scientists, we are officially at the brink of a global sleep crisis. Read how sleep deprivation affects the brain.

Prolonged sleep deprivation can affect your mental and physical health, increasing risk of depression, weight gain, diabetes and heart diseases. It also reduces productivity at work and reduces the quality of your life. If you've been struggling with sleep, take this quick quiz known as Sleep Condition Indicator1 designed by Dr Colin Espie, professor of sleep medicine at the University of Oxford. This will help you assess your sleep quality and whether you need help or not. Here are some signs that you are not getting enough sleep.

The Sleep Condition Indicator

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Take the quiz by keeping in mind how a typical night of sleep was for you in the month before. Make a note of your scores and add them up at the end of the test.

Q1. How long does it take you to fall asleep?

0-15 minutes (4 points)

16-30 minutes (3 points)

31-45 minutes (2 points)

46-60 minutes (1 point)

>60 minutes (0 points)

Q2. If you then wake up one or more times during the night, how long are you awake in total?

0 15 minutes (4 points)

16 30 minutes (3 points)

31 45 minutes (2 points)

46 60 minutes (1 point)

>60 minutes (0 points)

Q3. If your final wake-up time occurs before you intend to wake up, how much earlier is this?

I don t wake up too early/Up to 15 min. early (4 points)

16 30 min. early (3 points)

31 45 min. early (2 points)

46 60 min. early (1 point)

>60 min. early (0 points)

Q4. How many nights a week do you have a problem with your sleep?

0 1 (4 points)

2 (3 points)

3 (2 points)

4 (1 point)

5 7 (0 points)

Q5. How would you rate your sleep quality?

Very good (4 points)

Good (3 points)

Average (2 points)

Poor (1 point)

Very poor (0 points)

Q6. To what extent has your poor sleep affected your mood, energy, or relationships?

Not at all (4 points)

A little (3 points)

Somewhat (2 points)

Much (1 point)

Very much (0 points)

7. To what extent has poor sleep affected your concentration, productivity, or ability to stay awake?

Not at all (4 points)

A little (3 points)

Somewhat (2 points)

Much (1 point)

Very much (0 points)

8. To what extent has poor sleep troubled you in general?

Not at all (4 points)

A little (3 points)

Somewhat (2 points)

Much (1 point)

Very much (0 points)

9. How long have you had a problem with your sleep?

I don t have a problem/1 year (0 points)

1 2 months (3 points)

3 6 months (2 points)

7 12 months (1 point)

>1 year (0 points)


0-9: Your sleep problems need to be addressed as soon as possible since they are serious. If you don't fix your sleep problem, you could end up with metabolic and cognitive health issues.

10-18: Although not severe, you still show signs of having sleep problems. It's important to make a few lifestyle changes and get more sleep.

19-27: Your sleep patterns seem healthy although there's room for a lot of improvement.

28-36: You are sleeping habits are good. You don't seem to have any sleep-related issues.


1.Espie, C. A., Kyle, S. D., Hames, P., Gardani, M., Fleming, L., & Cape, J. (2014). The Sleep Condition Indicator: a clinical screening tool to evaluate insomnia disorder. BMJ Open, 4(3), e004183.

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