I feel guilt at having made the wrong career choice. What do I do? (Query)

Charnita Arora, a renowned happiness and well-being coach answers this query.

I am a 27-year-old journalist and I feel like I have made the wrong decision with my career. Looking back, I regret defying my parents to pursue my passion, as I don't feel passionate about this anymore. I am not really bad at my work, and my boss is satisfied with my contribution. However, I feel despair at the fact that I have to do this for the rest of my life, and also feel bad about having not taken the path that my parents (with years of experience) recommended for me. How do I cope with this feeling?

So many people in high-rise buildings of multinational companies today feel that they are stuck in the wrong job, with a wrong boss. Regret and guilt only makes their situation worse and does not help with anything either.

Guilt of not having followed your parents preferences and disappointment with your current career-choice, are the two sentiments I hear. Let s understand a few perspectives here so as to humanize the situation, says Charnita Arora, a renowned happiness and well-being coach.

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Try some creative experimentation

If you are finding yourself struggling to find motivation and inspiration to excel in your profession, then it is time to rethink your options. Instead of harbouring guilt and regret, make some space for some creativity and try new things that make you happy.

As human beings we are in a continuous process of growth and change. With more creative experimentation, you can find a niche in journalism itself that might really inspire your individuality. In fact, even a change in job can be a catalyst to that splurge of renewed interest and creative challenges, says Charnita. Read about the four sure signs you need to quit your job.

Don t be bogged down by your age

Career requires constant planning. There is no age time-line to it. You can be 40 and still feel like experimenting with your career-path. In fact, your career path has to compliment your areas of interest and fascination, adds Charnita. Read about the seven things at work that could be bad for your heart.

Be easy on yourself

And it is important to note that there is no guarantee that you would have enjoyed your parents career choice for you. And most importantly, one must learn to be easy on oneself. Rather than playing the mind-radio of regret and guilt, know that mistakes are catalysts to growth and possibilities. And there are still several unexplored possibilities, says Charnita.

We wish you all the best!

charnita aroraCharnita Arora is an Emotional Well-being & happiness Coach and the founding imagineer at Perfect Life Spot (A Well-Being Nest). PLS conducts experiential skill-building workshops in schools, colleges, engineering/ management institutes and corporate spaces for self-actualization, happiness and well-being. You can watch her videos at

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