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You have to try this fenugreek seeds remedy for sore throat!

Have a sore throat? Here's a remedy that could help.

Written by Pavitra Sampath |Updated : September 11, 2015 2:29 PM IST

Fenugreek or methi seeds are great to treat a sore throat! Not only do they have very potent antibacterial properties, but a study published in Journal of Botany found that it was especially effective against bacterium that cause a sore throat. You may also like to read about the health benefits of fenugreek seeds. What you'll need

  • Two tablespoons of fenugreek or methi seeds.
  • One litre water.


  • Add the fenugreek seeds to room temperature water.
  • Place it on a burner and allow it to simmer till it comes to a rolling boil.
  • Then, simmer the flame and allow it to simmer for about one hour.
  • Once the water changes colour (after an hour), remove it from the flame and allow it to cool to a drinkably warm temperature.

How to use this remedy

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  • Use this water while it is still warm to gargle twice a day.
  • If the sore throat is severe, you can use it to gargle three times a day too.

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For more articles on Natural Remedies, visit our Natural Remedies section. For daily free health tips, sign up for our newsletter. For Natural Remedies related queries, visit our forum. References: [1] Amalraj, A., et al. "Antimicrobial activity of fenugreek seeds and leaves." Indian Journal of Natural Products 21.2 (2005): 35-36. [2] Life Sciences and Medicine Research, Volume 2011: LSMR-27 1 Antibacterial Activities of Methanol and Acetone Extracts of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum) and Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) BK Dash*, S Sultana, N Sultana Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science and Technology, Islamic University, Kushtia-7003, Bangladesh. Published: June 27, 2011 [3] Antibacterial Activity of the Extracts Obtained from Rosmarinus officinalis, Origanum majorana, and Trigonella foenum-graecum on Highly Drug-Resistant Gram Negative Bacilli. Roula Abdel-Massih, Elias Abdou, Elias Baydoun and Ziad Daoud Journal of Botany. Volume 2010 (2010), Article ID 464087, 8 pages [4] Natural Home Remedies For Common Ailments. H.K Bhakru. Orient Paperbacks, New Delhi, 1998. Pages 239.

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