How to treat wounds (cut or scrape) at home?

Do not apply turmeric if you have a cut or a scrape. So what should you do? Our expert explains.

Got a cut while chopping vegetables in a hurry?

Your kid fell off a sofa or cycle and got a wound?

Was getting ready for office but got nicked while shaving?

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These are few everyday wounds that most of us have experienced. More often than not, many of us end up using a home remedy like applying turmeric powder to the wound to stop bleeding. However, this is not a right practice because even though turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, the wound needs proper cleaning and care to avoid risk of infection. So if you are wondering what is the right way to treat a wound or scrape at home, follow the advice of our expert Dr Akshay Challani, Critical Care Specialist and Physician, Akshjyot Clinic, Navi Mumbai.

Here is a step by step guide on how to treat a wound at home

  1. If you have a cut or a scrape, the first and foremost thing to do is to wash the area properly under running water. This is because it will not only clean dust and other contaminants but also help stop the bleeding. Here's more on first aid for cuts and bleeding.
  2. Make sure you wash the area with clean water and soap, as it lowers the risk of infection. Do this till you feel that the cut is not bleeding.
  3. Afterwards, make sure you dry the area properly with a clean, dry cloth as the presence of water might lead to pus formation, which further delays the healing process.
  4. Tie the wound or the cut with wire gauze or a cotton cloth to prevent the entry of air or moisture. However, if it is due to a dog bite, then keep the wound open and consult the doctor immediately. Also, read about whether is it necessary to use a bandage for every cut and wound.
  5. If you have not got a tetanus injection till date, then get a TT injection as it will protect you from tetanus if the cut is caused due to a rusted blade or knife.
  6. You can apply Neosporin powder or an antiseptic cream on the wound to relieve the pain and burning sensation. However, applying turmeric is a strict no-no as it might lead to an allergic reaction in some cases. Here are a few ways to heal cuts and scrapes faster.

When should you consult a doctor?

According to Dr Akshay Challani, you should consult a doctor if the wound is too deep and is not healing even after 3- 4 days. There is no need to visit a doctor if you have small cuts or bruises and the wound has started to heal. However, if you have fever, redness around the area, swelling or pus formation, then consult a doctor immediately as these are signs of an infection. Also, read about the factors that make your wounds heal slowly.

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