How to take care of your penis?

Dr Rajan Bhosale explains how you can keep your penis clean and healthy.

Just like any other part of the body, you have to take care of your penis as well. In addition to making sure you clean your private parts after having sex, here are a few tips you should bear in mind to ensure your penis is clean and healthy. Dr Rajan Bhosale, Honorary Professor & HOD, Department of sexual medicine, KEM Hospital & G.S.Medical College, Mumbai shares a few key points about taking care of your penis.

The first and foremost thing is to have complete knowledge about your penis to take care of it. Hence, make sure you know everything about it. This is because, if you are unable to retract the foreskin it can indicate a condition known as phimosis. And if left ignored, it might cause an injury to the organ during a sexual act, or it can also cause hamper erection. In some cases, the skin does not retract completely even after erection, which is a cause of concern. Read why does my penis hurt while having sex?

Clean your penis while taking a bath. If the penis is not circumcised, then you need to retract the foreskin to clean it. Also, you should check for smegma, which is a white coloured substance that is collected below the foreskin. If not cleaned properly regularly, smegma can harbour bacteria. Moreover, it also increases the chances of infecting your partner. Hence, while taking a bath make sure you clean the skin beneath it.

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If you do not like having fuzz down there, then instead of shaving the hair, trim it down. This is because, some people hurt themselves while shaving pubic hair and hence, trimming it down to keep it short might do the trick to clean the area clean. Also, make sure you clean the pubic region with soap and water as excessive perspiration causes the area to stink and also increases the risk of fungal infection. In some cases, it can also put you at risk of pubic lice. Also read about 11 things you should NEVER do to your penis.

Do not wear tight underwear, which is one of the common mistakes that almost every man commits. If you wear a tight underwear, it hinders the breathing of the organs and also causes compression of the testicles. Research studies have shown that a tight underwear can cause low sperm count and also hinders the production of testosterone, which can lead to infertility. Also, it is advised not to wear underwear at night as it allows the penis to breathe.

The next and important point is not to have a hot water bath, sauna or steam bath as excessive heat is not good for the private parts. The temperature of the testicles is a degree or two lower than that of the body temperature. And this is the reason, why sitting up in hot water is not recommended as it increases the temperature of the testicles, hindering its function. Hence, make sure you use plain cold water to clean your private parts. Dr Bhosale further adds that people with low sperm count (especially truck drivers and gym trainers) can immerse their private parts in cold water for 15 minutes a day to increase the sperm count and countereffect the side-effects of heat and hot temperature on the private parts. Here's everything you need to know about male sex problems mega guide

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