How to help yourself when fighting depression

Are you suffering from depression? Pull yourself out of it with these expert tips!

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If you have been showing signs of depression and want to pull yourself out of it, Dr Sanjoy Mukerji tells you what to do. He says that depression is of three types--mild, moderate and major, and every type has it own course of treatment. Mild depression is something that all of us go through. It is sadness or feeling low when you fight with a loved one or have lost something precious. It lasts for a couple of hours or days and does not require psychotherapy or medical intervention.

Moderate depression lasts for more than two weeks and this is when a person starts showing signs and symptoms of depression such as loss of appetite or sleeping too much among others. Moderate depression can be treated by counselling and does not require medicines. However, Dr Mukerji says that most patients don't come forward for therapy and many times the patients slip into major depression.

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In major depression, the patient is almost non-functional. He might completely give up on life and stop doing things he loves. He stops going to work, doesn't eat or sleep, or eats too much and sleeps for a long time and he might also become suicidal. Medicines are an important part of the treatment for major depression. Dr Mukerji says that medicine will make you feel better but you will not get better. The longer you take your medicines the better you will feel. The moment you stop your medicines you will go back to where you were. And that's where psychotherapy comes into play, however, you need to know these things before you before consulting a psychiatrist for depression.

Dr Mukerji calls his therapy A DOSE of Happiness. It's an acronym that stands for Anand-amine, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins. Anand-amine for happiness and DOSE for all the hormones that fight depression. To activate these hormones and help patients fight depression, Dr Mukerji has started a program called SOHAM (Science of Happiness and Methods) happiness program. Dr Mukerji explains that SOHAM also means I am He and I have the power to help myself. The programme includes five activities and fundamentals of a positive attitude.

These five activities follow the principle of 5 Ps.

1. People--Dr Mukerji says that it is important to spend time with friends and family and your loved ones. Do not avoid people, mix with them even if you think it's not worth it, don't disregard the power of someone else's presence. Being surrounded by people helps release various hormones that slowly help you recover.

2. Pleasure--Have fun in life. Do things that make you feel better, if you love cooking, cook a nice meal for yourself, if you love painting, go ahead and paint something. If you like playing video games, don't stop yourself!

3. Passion--Dr Mukerji says that since we spend most of our time working it is important to do something that you love and are passionate about. he says, your work should be your passion.

4. Physique--Like they say health is wealth and to stay healthy you need to be physically fit too. Dr Mukerji says one should exercise regularly. Any type of physical activity helps in releasing the happiness hormones that make you feel better and will eventually help you recover from depression.

5. Peace--To achieve peace you need to meditate. Dr Mukerji says that you can practise any type of meditation as it can calm your mind and help you fight depression.

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