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Chew paan (betel leaf) for better sex

Here's how pan can help you have a better sex life.

Written by Pavitra Sampath |Updated : September 4, 2015 3:41 PM IST

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If you thought paan or betel leaf is only a breath freshener, you are in for a surprise. Apart from its many health benefits, betel leaves with supari is a great aphrodisiac. No wonder, it was a ritual for a wife to give this preparation to her husband every night after dinner. Here's how you can use this simple remedy to improve your sex life. You may also like to read about the health benefits of betel leaves or pan.

How does it work

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Betel leaves when combined with supari, lime (chuna), clove and some gulkand works wonders on your entire body. Not only does it help stimulate your digestive system, but betel leaves also have aphrodisiac, invigorating and deodorant (freshens your breath) properties that help stimulate your reproductive organs. Apart from that, the gulkand also helps give you that boost of energy, which can be especially important after a long, tiring day. You may also like to read about the health benefits of gulkand.

How to use

Take one betel leaf and break off the stem. Wash the leaf well and wipe it gently with a soft cloth. Then smear a little chuna or lime (you can buy this at any local paan shop) on the leaf and add half a teaspoon of gulkand to the leaf. Next, place one thin slice of supari on it and one clove. Wrap all this up in the leaf and chew on it slowly. A good way to use it is to bite into it and place it at the back of your mouth, until it dissolves.

When you should have this

Having this once a day after dinner helps a great deal.

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