Try homeopathy for relief from allergies

Homeopathy aims at treating allergies by identifying the trigger point, thus providing sustained relief.

Different things can trigger an allergy -- change in season, eating certain kinds of foods or exposure to certain things. The symptoms are usually observed when you are exposed to that particular substance or situation that is referred to as an allergen. Pollens, dust, dander, molds or food items like eggs, nuts, fish, mushroom are common allergens. As an alternative approach to treating these allergies so that the symptoms and effects reduce with time, homeopathy is found to be useful. We discussed the homeopathic approach to allergies, and the remedies prescribed, with Dr. Alok Palresha, MD Medicine (Hom.) and Acupuncturist. Here s an extract of the discussion.

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According to Dr. Palresha, the choice of remedy in Homeopathy is based on a holistic approach and revolves around the theory of individualisation. This approach helps a homeopath to treat all the signs and symptoms of the ailments and bring the individual to a state of complete wellness. In case of allergies, the treatment is not selected to get rid of the allergy, but to address the actual cause and the level of susceptibility of the individual.

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Types of allergies

  1. The most common type are the seasonal allergies. Anyone with a weak immunity may succumb to this allergy. It is usually caused due to pollens or grass and may lead to mild fevers and irritation of nose and throat or eyes.
  2. The other type continues throughout the year and is termed as a perennial allergy. This type of allergy is usually caused due to mites, dust, dander or spores.

While nose, skin, eyes and chest are the body parts that show signs of allergic reactions, there are a few severe allergies too. The anaphylactic shock is one such allergy that may affect various body organs and might lower blood pressure drastically, causing death. To know more about the anaphylactic shock, read here.


Itching, wheezing, cough, red eyes, eruptions and rashes, dryness in the skin, congestion or suffocation, nausea, swelling of lip or mouth are common symptoms. However, these vary depending on the cause of allergy and can be classified widely. Did you know asthmatic kids are likely to be allergic to peanuts?

Here are a few important remedies for homeopathic treatment of different allergies:

  • Histamine prescribed for dust or strong perfume allergies
  • Natrum mur for allergies, caused due to bread or acidic foods
  • Kali bich for allergies from beer or malt-based liquor
  • Sepia for allergies from drinking warm or boiled milk
  • Hepar sulph prescribed for cod liver oil allergies
  • Sulphur for antibiotic allergies
  • Bryonia for castor oil allergies
  • Nux vom for coffee allergies
  • Apis mel prescribed when allergic to heat
  • Arsenic album for allergies due to soft drinks, fruits, rotten foods, iodine
  • Dulcamara for allergies from dampness or moisture
  • Ailanthus for anyone who is allergic to the smell of flowers
  • Thuja for allergies due to sweets, fatty meats, onion
  • Argentum nit for sugar allergies
  • Tellurium for rice allergy.
  • Petroleum for cabbage allergy
  • Nitri-spiritus dulcus for cheese allergies
  • Justicia adhatoda for dust allergies that lead to profuse nasal discharge and sneezing in the evening

For individualised remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person.

Note: Highly diluted homeopathic remedies, taken under the supervision of trained professionals, are generally safe and unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions , says the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH). However, the organization warns Like any drug or dietary supplement, these products could pose risks if they are improperly manufactured (for example, if they are contaminated with microorganisms or incorrectly diluted) .

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