Quick homemade oil to relieve joint pain

This oil is your go-to remedy for joint pains and aches.

The humble karpur or camphor, often used in poojaaartis, has a series of benefits when applied topically. Ayurveda has identified its benefits in stimulating the digestive system. Its properties help reduce risk of diabetes, high cholesterol levels and boost sexual desire. Camphor oil is an excellent remedy for joint pain [1] too. Do you know the 6 diseases that can trigger joint pain?

How camphor helps?

Camphor exhibits anti-arthritic, anti-rheumatic and antiphlogistic properties. Its topical application not only reduces swelling in certain body parts but also helps in boosting the blood circulation, thereby relieving you of strain in the joints. Several studies [2] have proved that camphor oil has shown significant reduction in joint pain within few days of application. Its cooling properties help reduce the irritation and reduce joint and muscles aches. Camphor can be used to reduce cramps too. Hence, it can be used by pregnant ladies who experience pressure in their legs and joints during the last trimester. Application of camphor also helps numb the nerve ends as it is easily absorbed by the skin and provides relief. Have you tried these home remedies for joint pains?

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How to use camphor?

Camphor oil can be applied to the affected area and gently massaged daily for best results. To prepare camphor oil, add 1 big piece of camphor (powdered) to 1 cup of hot, but not boiling coconut oil. Let the camphor melt, stir well and store in a bottle. Apply daily on joints for pain relief.

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