Here's why you should NEVER massage an ointment on a sprain

Are pain relief ointments and sprays for sprains the right thing to use on a sprain?

Twisted your ankle or sprained the arm? We are sure the elders immediately hunt for the medicine box, take the liniment or ointment and start rubbing it on the affected area. You shout in pain, but according to them, it needs to be massaged in your skin so that it is absorbed and can relieve the pain. Is this the right way to deal with sprains or muscle pulls? There is always a first aid procedure for sprains or sports related injuries which need to be followed. Post that ointments or liniments can be applied for pain relief. Here s what Dr Aman Goyal Associate Consultant, Orthopedic Department at Nayati Multi Super Specialty , Mathura suggests when it comes to pain relief ointments.

Pain-relieving medications are most widely used by us and are the most abused as well. Severe pain is usually dealt with in the hospitals by the trained staff under doctors supervision but it is mild to moderate variety that is treated by individuals with home remedies and over the counter medications like sprays and ointments. While there is nothing wrong with it, a lot of wrong notions prevail in the society and everyone has his own version to attain relief. Here s when you must treat a sprain at home and when you must consult a doctor.

Dr Goyal says it is a general practice to apply ointments over an injured site but massaging should be strictly avoided in such cases especially around the joints as this can further cause increase in swelling of the area and more tissue bleeding. This leads to increase in pain as swelling causes pain and also the joint may develop stiffness later. Instead it is the cold or ice fomentation that helps to a greater extent in these cases. You can also try these 3 exercises to tackle ankle sprain.

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So the take home message is to kindly avoid any massages (even with ointments) in acute painful conditions but it is definitely helpful with dual synergistic action of ointments in chronic long-standing muscular pain and dull aching pain.

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